Biography of Lara Navos

Name: Lara Navos
Callsign: -

Rank: Clerk (3)
Duty: Ryll Administration
Dept.: Interior Ministry
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Kiffar
Gender: Female
Age: 30

Lara Navos

Lara Navos is a Kuati female with a rebellious attitude. Using her looks to her advantage, she is always looking for a challenging day's work in and amongst violence and gore. She has no open allegiances to anyone or any religion, and has no qualms about being with individuals of any race or gender. Proficient in the use of knives and hand-to-hand combat, she prefers an up close and personal feel to her violence, shying away from long range or space encounters as much as possible.

Where It Began

Lara Navos was born onboard the Acclamator-class Assault Ship Incognito while in Talravin system to Dar Victus and Lara Navos. Gifted her mothers' name, the daughter of Imperial officers she was placed into a foster home in the city of Talravin 04-04 with no further contact. She was adopted by a single Zabrak woman, Frey Jima who raised her in a small property on the outskirts of town. Shortly after her third birthday, Lara and Frey relocated to the nearby system of Kuat to ensure Lara could gain a reputable education. Selling whatever assets they could, Lara was enrolled into a combat curriculum within the Kuati Security Forces. Avoiding the less interesting classes of philosophy and historical insignificances, Lara focused her attention on her combat prowess, focusing on knives and close combat weaponry, with continued enthusiasm towards blasters and physical hand-to-hand combat.
Regularly keeping a low profile, she deliberately under performed in the eyes of her teachers to ensure she was not viewed as a threat by any of her classmates. This desire to remain secretive meant she received a number of wounds and bruises at the hands of those around her. She strived to grow her own sense of vitality and resilience, despite the pain and struggle she regularly found herself in. Her mother Frey continued to grow worried at her wounds, not wanting to loose her daughter to military wounds. While not in class, Lara avoided her extra curriculum studies and curfews to undertake in barbiturates, deathsicks and other bad habits. Barely over the age of fourteen, she was maintaining an addictive drug habit, which saw her receive regular disciplinary action and punishment due to high absenteeism rates from classes and poor performance.
As she grew through her teenage years, her attitude continued to change to one of a more rebellious nature. Taken aside by her foster mother Frey, she was advised of her parents' demise through private communications from Imperial authorities. Lara was non-committal, not flinching at the loss, but was enlightened and curious when she was told she had a sister. Working various part-time jobs throughout the city, she gathered whatever credits possible to make communication with her sister.
While their discussions were few and far between, Lara found them invaluable. Tex Navos was able to share invaluable life skills she had learnt over the years, while Lara soon began to realise how similar their personal lives had become. They both maintained a carefree lifestyle with a growing addiction to drugs and alcohol, while regularly facing disciplinary action and combat. With Frey diagnosed with a terminal illness, Lara began to grow more careless. She changed her attitude in her final classes to one of aggression, senseless beating a number of classmates without regard for their safety, while spending her nights out till the early hours, drinking and smoking until she could barely move. Regularly arrested by Kuati Security for drunk and disorderly combat among other infractions, Lara was presented with an ultimatum to either focus on her studies, or face expulsion from all classes.
Lara rarely appeared in class, maintaining her attendance just enough to avoid additional disciplinary action in order to spend time caring for her foster mother. Low on credits to maintain medical treatments, Lara made contact with her sister Tex Navos to gain insight on how to smuggle goods and services to the Unknown Regions. With a small loan and instruction from her sister, Lara began to smuggle various weapons and explosives from inside the Kuati Security Force to a number of growing criminal enterprises. Taking whatever credits she could in order to relieve herself of the goods as quickly as possible, Lara passed all the funds onto medical professionals and droid upkeep to care for her mother. In her final days, an MD Medical Specialist droid malfunctions when adjusting Frey’s life support systems. This malfunction caused Frey’s lungs to fill with fluids, drowning her before corrections could be made.
Frey - The Foster MotherAs Lara struggled to come to terms with her foster mothers’ passing, she began to harbour intense resentment towards droids, specifically those constructed via Imperial controlled companies due to their poor manufacturing of the particular MD Medical Specialist droid that killed Frey. Arrested and fined on numerous occasions for droid and property vandalism, Lara’s attitude continued to sour, her psyche struggling with depression which her body continued to battle exorbitant amounts of drugs and alcohol wrecking her internal organs.
Shortly after her mothers' passing, Lara disappeared from the Kuati Security Force academy several months before final graduation and certification, stowing away on a HCT-2001 Dragonboat-class Freighter to the Ash Worlds. Scouting for a safe haven to reevaluate her next move, Lara landed in the underbelly of the hot planet Iego. While various holovids attempted to locate her since her abrupt departure from Kuat with arrest warrants and high priced rewards, she stayed out of sight and honed her skills. She focused on her new life, taking a number of smuggling assignments to keep a roof over her head, while continuing to fund her various addictions.
Her training benefited her while working with questionable individuals and criminals of varying skills, she developed a number of new talents including intense interrogation and torture, using knives to cut away at a victims fresh to cause the greatest amount of pain while keeping them alive. While the day job kept her in and around violence, the night life was more low-key. She remained in various drinking establishments until she could barely walk, drinking Corellian Ale after Corellian Ale, getting lost in the haze of hallucinogens of drunken rage and plumes of smoke from her deathsticks. Scoffing at those who viewed these vices as a detriment to character, Lara would use them to her advantage, fornicating with whoever she desired to satisfy her needs, or to discourage those she had no desire associating with.
With her various debts soon paid off, Lara broadened her horizons, taking freelance assignments with a number of larger corporations, local governments and criminal overlords. Occasionally seen around Gree in Black Sun space, Lara remained largely off the grid of the galactic limelight, while continuing her investigations into Tex Navos’s whereabouts. Spending multitudes of credits on research and investigations, Lara eventually located her last reported position within the Denhui system, aboard a Veltraa-Class Cruiser. As Lara arrived on the vessel, she was again met with death as Tex’s motionless corpse was slumped in a chair from a self inflicted blaster wound. Landing on the nearby planet of Denhui-Eight Lara buried her half sister in a small, unmarked grave, paying her final respects to the sister she barely knew.
Observing the final wishes of Tex, Lara took the Veltraa-Class Cruiser to the Allied Tion sector, leaving the vessel in orbit of the hot planet Cadinth, while Lara took an escape pod to the surface. Spending a number of months in solitude, Lara evaluated her next move in life. Still with a lust for violence and inappropriate behaviour, she wanted to maintain her criminal lifestyle. However given her history and lack of direction, she took the unorthodox direction of approaching the political government of Cadinth, the Tion Hegemony. Avoiding the temptation of violence, Lara arranged to be deployed within the interior ministries, focusing on administration responsibilities to keep her attention away from anger. While she received a number of warnings and citations from management, Lara maintained her role within the government, responsible for minor political dealings and commercial expansions across various sectors.

Lara NavosAppearance and Beliefs

Lara is regularly seen in leather pants and a white crop top, however whenever the occasion requires, she wears a formal dress which conceals a number of small knives among her leg tights or corset. She doesn't follow any religion or affiliate with any association publicly. She often wears her hair down, but often maintains an outlandish hairstyle to mimic her carefree attitude.
Her hair often changes colour as her mood changes, and she is outwardly bisexual. She had maintained a number of partners throughout the years of both genders, but has never maintained relationships for an extended period of time. While her preference has always been women, she is open to whatever her mood desires, regardless of race also. She is known to be openly flirtatious to get information or achieve her objectives, while easily rebuffing those who seek her attention.
She maintains a silver lighter and silver cigarette container in her leather pants pocket attire to house her Ryll and deathsticks and maintain an aura of sophistication. While her carefree attitude often gets her into trouble, she relies on her various talents to keep her safe, with minimal people to rely on to ensure her senses are always attuned to her current situation and surroundings.
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