Original Constitution
Constitution of the Tion Hegemony

Year 11, Day 120


By expression of the will of the Tionese peoples, communities and planetary systems throughout the galaxy, and by sovereign act of the Leader of the House of Tion, being in principle the embodiment of such will:

Firmly committed, in full exercise of communal self-determination, to the establishment of an intergalactic authority founded upon the rule of law and capable of ensuring peace, guaranteeing harmonious order and the advancement of social and economic benefit throughout its purview;

Convinced that the fulfillment of such goals requires both the full respect of individual and collective free will as well as deference to the authority of those attested as the leadership of the Tionese peoples;

Further convinced that by the continuation of the cultural legacies in the territories historically inhabited by the Tionese peoples, and by continuous interaction between varies levels and forms of life, such Tionese have successfully created a common interest and have contributed to the creation of a common galactic worldview;

Fully aware that a common Tionese destiny can best be served by repairing all historically unjust relationships and by further emphasizing shared interests;

Convinced that existence as a single economic and societal entity is necessary in order to create sustainable conditions for the ensurance of intergalactic respect for the rights and freedoms of both Tionese individuals and communities, and for the collective promotion of Tionese interest;

And determined to consolidate, as a lasting legacy, the prosperity of such harmonious order forged from the struggles and sacrifices of the Tionese people;

This Declaration of the Hegemony of Tion is instituted, in mutual commitment among all Tionese, to fulfill the objectives and principles so set forth.

Section One: General Provisions

Article I: Nomenclature of the State

This Document establishes a Hegemonic and Authoritarian State structure. Accordingly, the Tionese state shall henceforth be known as the Tion Hegemony.

Article II: Tionese Territorial Jurisdiction

The territorial jurisdiction of the Tion Hegemony shall comprise the territory of the Member Star Systems therein, with precise boundaries being determined, in matters of controversy, by all pertaining intergalactic agreements.

Article III: Nationality

1. Any person being of any species shall be a citizen of the Tion Hegemony, and of Tionese citizenship, where all, either or any parent is currently same.
2. Foreign nationals may acquire Tionese citizenship.
3. Tionese citizens may voluntarily forfeit, or involuntarily have revoked, Tionese citizenship.
4. Particulars relating to the acquisition or forfeiture of Tionese citizenship shall be determined by Hegemonic law.

Section Two: Fundamental Principles

Article IV: Sovereignty of the Hegemon

1. All sovereign power over the Tion Hegemony ultimately resides in the Hegemon of Tion, being the embodiment in principle of the will of the Tionese people.
2. This Document is an expression of that sovereignty.
3. The sovereignty of the Hegemon of Tion shall be expressed through representatives selected in accordance with this Document and through direct Hegemonic decision.

Article V: Legal Supremacies of the Declaration of Hegemony

1. This Declaration of the Hegemony of Tion is the supreme written law of the Tion Hegemony, being sublimated solely to the sovereignty of the Hegemon of Tion and to the specifically chosen representatives of his sovereignty. Any law, customary practice or decision of either an organ of the state or a selected public official which contravenes this Document shall be of no effect.
2. All citizens, organs of state, political organizations and other associations as well as their officials are required to ensure both observation of and obedience to this Document.
3. It is prohibited for any citizen or state, public or private body to assume state power in any manner other than that provided either under this Document or by the specifically express will of the Hegemon of Tion.
4. All intergalactic agreements ratified by the Tion Hegemony are an integral part of its supreme law.

Section Three: State Structure

ARTICLE VI: Form of Government

The Tion Hegemony shall have a structurally-delineated authoritarian form of government.

ARTICLE VII: Members Systems of the Tion Hegemony

Part One: Definitions

1. The Tion Hegemony shall comprise of planetary Member Star Systems, themselves comprised of Systemic and Sub-Systemic planets.
2. Systemic or Sub-Systemic planetary status shall be influenced by the population settlement patterns of the Member Star Systems so concerned, and by Hegemonic law.

Part Two: Admission to the Tion Hegemony

The right of any planetary system outside the Tion Hegemony to gain admission into the Tion Hegemony is exercisable under the following procedures:

1. When a requisition to the Tion Hegemony for official Member Star System status has been approved by a two-thirds majority of the governing powers of at least one planet of that planetary system in question.
2. When such requisition has been presented, in writing, to the Hegemon of Tion, or to the Hyperion of the Hegemony acting in such stead.
3. When such requisition has been approved by the Hegemon of Tion.
4. When final authority over the Member Star System newly created by approval of the requisition is fully transferred, where necessary, to the Tion Hegemony.

Part Three: Charter Member Star Systems

1. Amarin
2. Cadinth
3. Dellalt
4. Desargorr
5. Desevro
6. Dravione
7. Embaril
8. Lianna
9. Lorrad
10. Jaminere
11. Spinax
12. Tobali

Part Four: Admitted Member Star Systems

13. Jerous
14. Twanton

ARTICLE VIII: Capital Member Star System

1. The planetary Member Star System of Desargorr shall be the capital of the Tion Hegemony.
2. The administration of Desargorr system shall be directly responsible to the Hegemonic government.
3. The special interest of Desargorr system, regarding provisions of social services or the utilization of natural resources and other similar matters, as well as joint administrative matters arising from the location of Tion system within the Tion Hegemony, shall be respected. Particulars shall be determined by Hegemonic law.

Section Four: The Structure and Division of Powers

Article IX: Structure of the Organs of State

1. The Tion Hegemony comprises the Hegemonic government and the Member Star Systems.
2. The Hegemonic government and the Member Star Systems shall have legislative, executive and judicial powers.
3. The Hegemon of Tion is the highest authority of the Hegemonic government. The Hegemon is directly responsible to the People of Tion.

Article X: Executive Authority

1. Full executive authority lies ultimately with the Lord Hegemon.
2. The Lord Hegemon can delegate powers as they see fit and do not need to do so by an act of law.
3. In the event of incapacitation of the Lord Hegemon, executive power shall pass to the Hyperion.

Article XI: Legislative Authority

1. Full legislative authority rests with the Council of five.
2. Bills may be proposed by any member of the council at any time.
3. Bills are subject to a minimum two day discussion period before voting.
4. At a vote, Bills must receive more than 50% of the vote in order to pass into law.

Article XII: Judicial Authority

1. Full Judicial authority rests with the Chief Justice.
2. The Chief Justice is appointed by the Lord Hegemon.
3. The Chief Justice serves a life tenure, though may be removed at any time by a ΕΎ vote of the council of five including abstentions.

Section Five: Amendments to this document

Article XIII: Amendments to the Constitution of Tion

1. Amendments to the Constitution of Tion might be proposed by any member of the council of five at any point.
2. Amendments are subject to a five day discussion period before being put to a vote.
3. For an amendment to pass it requires unanimous support from the council of five, with no abstentions.
4. Amendments shall be placed in a sixth section of this document.

This Constitution was signed into law on Year 10 Day, 120 by Jeff Corbin, Lord Hegemon.

Written by Gunn Starfall, 14 years ago.
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