The Hegemon of the Tion Hegemony the governmental leader and head of state for all citizens within the Tion Cluster. They hold the responsibility of being the public face of all Tionese to the galaxy at large, and operate all civilian and military policies under their pervue. The appointment is a lifetime appointment per the Constitution of the Tion Hegemony, however should they wish to enter retirement or act against the interests of the people, the High Council has the power to accept a resignation, or to remove the Hegemon with a unanimous vote.
Three Lord Hegemon and one Lady Hegemon have represented all Tionese since the governments formation towards the end of the galaxies nineth recognised galactic year. Each surviving Hegemon who has resigned from their duty has remained on the High Coucil in an advisory capacity to aide in transition and the continued growth of the Cluster. The journey of the Hegemon's is detailed herein:

Jeff Corbin

 Year 9 Day 301 — Year 10 Day 140

Jeff Corbin formed the neutral and independent mining company, Nikklon Mining Incorporated on the ninetieth day of the fifth recognised galactic year. Nikklon Mining Incorporated began expansion plans to enhance their operations in order to cater to a broader range of the galaxy, an action that would inevitably create more clients. After much debate between President Jeff Corbin, Managing Director Rel Centurica and the rest of the Nikklon Board, the planet of Lianna was chosen to be part of their expansion plan. Capitalising on the relatively untouched landscape, Nikklon focused primarily on building a new corporate home for the company, enriching the existing culture with greater development of its cities and planets, creating more commerce for the local markets and educational facilities for the younger population to help fuel the growing employment base of Nikklon. As the Tion expansion effort continued into the beginnings of the ninth recognised galactic year, President Jeff Corbin, in a speech to the local populous of the Tion Cluster and a statement released to all Nikklon Mining Incorporated shareholders and investors, declared a resounding success for the company, and unveiled plans for a large population growth for the Cluster, involving the development of Niddion. When it was officially completed on the three-hundredth day of the ninth recognised galactic year, President Jeff Corbin proclaimed the day a national Tionese holiday, and to the surprise of many throughout the Cluster, announced the formalisation of a Cluster-wide Government, known as the Tion Hegemony.

With the Constitution of the Tion Hegemony Government completed and ratified on the three hundredth and first day of the ninth recognised galactic year, the Tion Hegemony was officially federated. Now Lord Hegemon Jeff Corbin in his first official capacity named his brother, Typhon Corbin as Lord Advisor and Second in Command of the Government, while officially succeeding as a nationalised company of the Hapes Consortium in an amicable fashion. 

With a growing number of nationalised corporations supporting the Hegemony, including the newly founded research corporation Tion Military & Sciences Industries, or Tion Mil/Sci Industries for short. Renamed from the operations of Frost Shipyards under the leadership of Gadon Trammer, the Hegemony was now able support its growing government on numerous fronts. Providing hundreds of jobs to civilians in research and development, along with pre-existing medical and raw material operations, the leadership of Jeff Corbin saw unprecedented growth for the new government. Now firmly established in the Tion Cluster under the Hegemony banner and Anzati forces removed from the cluster with a ceasefire declared, Jeff Corbin could finally take leave. The Jedi Knight sought peace to resume his studies into the ways of the force, and in the middle of the tenth galactic year formally passed the title of Lord Hegemon to his brother. During the Cron Conflict, Jeff Corbin's vessel was boarded by a rogue Dark Jedi, Zara Strum, and he was killed instantly on day seventy-two of the eleventh galactic year. Read More about Jeff Corbin here...

Typhon Corbin

Year 10 Day 140 — Year 16 Day 300

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Takao Asai

Year 16 Day 300 — Year 17 Day 328

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Stephanie Barefoot-Delcroix

Year 17 Day 328 — Present

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