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About Us

Born from the alliance fostered between the Tion Hegemony and Sienar Conglomerate, *Santhe Corporation* is a joint venture that offers the premiere in environmental recovery and restoration services. From their work in reducing production emissions on factory-worlds to restoring life to devastated mining worlds, Santhe strives to educate all industries in environmentally-friendly production and reclamation practices.
A rebirth of a historic name hailing from the lost Tionese world of Lianna, Santhe has developed some of the most innovative environmental policies and procedures of any corporation operating today. Headquartered in the Panna and Moobia systems, Santhe offers services on Sienar and Tionese worlds alike, delivering continual environmental protections for the wellbeing of all. Through Santhe, Sienar and Tion have invested the backbone of their science corps. in pursuit of advanced research to optimize preservation of planetary environment while maintaining productivity. Armed with a fleet of wreckers and EVS construction droids, Santhe employees are prepared to rebuild the glory of overworked worlds. Santhe Corporation - Revitalizing your galaxy.


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