Jeff Corbin
Jeff Corbin was the Lord Hegemon, leader of the Tion Hegemony until his death on Year 11, Day 72, when he was killed by Zara Sturm, former member and traitor to the Tion Hegemony.


Early Life

First Steps

Jeff was born on a freighter class ship owned by his parents: Wan and Haley Corbin, both freighter pilots. They made their living delivering cargo for companies. Born with the birthmark of a map, which contained the location of an unknown planet that is within his dragon tattoo, it seemed this young man was destined for great things.

Traveling to different planets while making their deliveries, Jeff would find himself meeting different sorts of people and learning from their experiences as he got to know them. During deliveries, his parents would teach him how to fly or fix the ship, so that he could someday take over the ship when they retire. At the age of 14, he had already familiarized himself with the ship, and was now able to repair or fly the ship when his parents required it.

Loss of Parents

During a routine shipment to Tatooine, the ship underwent some major malfunctions of unknown causes. With only enough space on the pod for one with luggage, his parents were forced to put him on the pod with all the important things they had, and ejected him into space. As he watched his parents die in the explosion, he was filled with guilt for not being able to fix the ship, which brought up an emptiness that needed filling. And so after landing on Tatooine, he wandered through the desert area of the planet, questioning his reason for existence. He finally decided to forget all that had ever happened to him and carry on with his life, living by the day and never looking back.


Foundation of Nikklon Mining Incorporated


Jeff Corbin was of brown complexion with black hair and black eyes. He was mostly seen in corporate wears and usually had 2 blasters well placed within his suit. He wasn't afraid to take off his clothes as he loved to show off his tattoos. He was well built due to his rigorous past life and somewhat active physical duties. He was one to charm the ladies when need be, but also quick to show off his crazy side when needed.

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