Faction Leaders

Faction Leaders

The prosperity of the Hegemony does not rely solely on the efficiency of the High Council to oversee every internal and external operation, but also on the individuals that work tirelessly in the nationalized corporations that are the backbone to the Hegemony. These faction leaders are appointed by the Hegemon for their integrity, loyalty, and dedication to the betterment of this nation, and the lives of her citizens.

Supporting the faction leaders, outstanding individuals are also selected as second in command that have authority over the nationalized corporations should their leader become incapable or incapacitated to perform their duties.


Tion Mil/Sci Industries

The operations of Tion Mil/Sci Industries are critical to every department in the Hegemony, since they're responsible for the research, construction, and maintenance of every vessel in the Tion Hegemony fleet, as well as for the rest of the nationalized factions.

Andree Cyberdree
Second In Command

Senior Executive
Havan Nublar

Nikklon Mining Incorporated

In charge of one of the most essential endeavours necessary for any government to succeed: the extraction, logistics and storage of raw materials found throughout the Greater Tion Space. 

Chief Executive Officer
Darius Fenn
Second In Command

John Uurp

Athakam Medtech

The medical subsidiary of the Hegemony, in charge of health care for all Tionese citizens, and the medical supplies for the military troops.


Cohen Airrel
Second In Command
Daru Troc


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