Biography of Gerauk Culan

Name: Gerauk Culan
Callsign: Cult King

Rank: Praetorian (5)
Duty: -
Dept.: Military / 1st Fleet
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Cathar
Gender: Male
Age: 46

A story untold, and so shall most parts remain; Gerauk Culan: a front; a fraud; pieces stitched together from a reality that never was. The past is all he can see, and so his rage fuels him.

Long ago, Gerauk saw the darkness all around him, but wanted better for himself and the family he hoped to build. To find it, he knew he'd have to go to dark and dangerous places. He began his quest eagerly, with hope and anticipation.

The lines and years in between don't matter now. What matters is betrayal. When his allies heard of his plans- to harbor away a small group of like-minded people and work to build a greater future- they were envious, and fearful, and so imprisoned him on the very ship that was intended to bring him to his new world. He was tortured, taunted, and left in the darkness, for days, weeks, months...

Finally his tormentors recognized his unwillingness to cooperate and so they burned him alive and left him to die, and die he did... But rose again!

More time, more work, more years in the shadows; any man or beast would become something dark. Gerauk worked to do so with grace. Though a hardened criminal now, he had a code unlike the scum and villainy he surrounded himself with. This code would keep him alive many times in the years that followed, because while he took no qualms with killing and theft among other crimes, he saw the value of good, and sought even in his rage to protect the innocent.

That said, do not mistake his compassion for kindness, or any other good virtue. Mr Culan is nothing short of a monster when it comes to his resolve, and now he is returning to the public eye, empowered by a benevolent employer, and enabled a position that will lend itself to financial success and strong alliances. His resolve: to secure a future and build a legacy worthy of recognition in the Tion Hegemony.


In time, Gerauk let go of the anger he held onto, and with it, his need for the scars.

8 months after joining the Heg, Gerauk had found a semblance of peace in working with the military to create a brighter, safer future for Tion. His goals changed now, as he recognized that he had lived through an atrocity that should have claimed him, and he swore to make it count; to become one of Tions greatest heroes, along with the rest of his team.

He worked diligently, alongside a team he assembled, to develop "SHELL CORP.", from which would spawn "Quick Gaming Foundation", and "Cyber Steel Industries", to mention a couple of the projects he and his comrades had undertaken. For a year and some time, They compiled their savings, and researched bio-genetics, corrective surgery, and other medical fields, in preparation of another launch; "Rhode to Recovery" -a medical project, specializing in plastic surgery and biogenetic alterations.

Extensive surgery undergone, Guk now bears (no pun intended) the human face of a childhood comic-book hero; The Beskar Striil!.

Written by Gerauk Culan, 4 years ago.
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