Biography of Elas Sacara

Name: Elas Sacara
Callsign: Bloodman

Rank: ()
Duty: -

Race: Sluissi
Gender: Male
Age: -
Elas Sacara is a former force sensitive member of Nikklon Mining Incorporated, and the Keepers of the Blade.


After a brief introduction to a small medical faction named CryoMed Laboratories, Elas was force tested by the dark jedi and traitor Zara Sturm and introduced to the Tion Hegemony.

After a brief break to return to the field of medicine and a short training burst with the corrupt Jedi Order, Elas made a return to the Tion Hegemony and became the first member and second-in-command of the Keepers of the Blade.

Career History

  • CryoMed Laboratories
    • Director of production
  • Nikklon Mining Incorporated
    • Civil Engineer
  • CryoMed Laboratories
    • Leader of the Force Temple
Written by Elas Sacara, 13 years ago.
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