Biography of Theros Ironfield

Name: Theros Ironfield
Callsign: -

Rank: Consul (15)
Duty: Lord Minister of Interior
Dept.: High Command
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Siniteen
Gender: Male
Age: -
Theros Ironfield is the current Lord Minister of Interior in the Tion Hegemony.


Early Life

Theros was born in the Year 12 BCT to a loving mother and father on Sinite. Theros had a simple childhood. He grew up around Siniteens, so his intellect was not unusual. He became fascinated with computers and electronics in general. This interest was in contrast with his parents' occupations and hobbies. Both mother and father were very political and practiced law.

Loss of Parents

All was peaceful until Year 5, Day 204. The New Anzat Order, under the leadership of Vlademar von Ismay III, invaded and conquered his world. The Anzatans ruled with an iron first, and Theros's parents became activists. They had begun speaking out against many of the Order's policies for Sinite. Eventually turned violent, and Theros's parents died in one of the early clashes.

The death of his parents awakened a young man's rage and a thirst for revenge in Theros. He quickly learned basic weapons, discovering an inherent knack for hitting the target. Theros's computer skills continued to grow as he turned his expertise to undermining the Anzatan government.

A New Life

Sometime later, some Anzatan soldiers found a major hiding place for the revolutionaries and blew it up. Theros just barely escaped. He decided he couldn't help his cause while still on Sinite with the loss of so many Siniteens, so Theros smuggled himself off of Sinite. He began the search for a group who opposed the NAO, and found Nikklon Mining Incorporated. Jeff Corbin offered him a lucrative position, and Theros started to gather credits and allies.

Written by Theros Ironfield, 14 years ago.
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