Biography of Sera Cor

Name: Sera Cor
Callsign: Nova

Rank: Specialty Surgeon (9)
Duty: Training
Dept.: Medicine & Science
Faction: Athakam MedTech

Race: Corellian
Gender: Female
Age: 39



Since the Empire controlled Corellia, many Corellians were recruited to serve the Emperor and arrested if they refused to join. Such was the case of Cor family where Jarek Cor father of Dracon, Jay`Den and Sera was forced into the Empire slavery.


Life without a father

Sera lost her father at the age of barely 5 year old, he spend very little of this time with his family and for reasons Sera didn't know the Empire took him. Her brother Dracon tasked himself the role of man of the house, sending Sera to school along with Jay`Den, but didn't last long as their brother began to get into underground criminal. At first it was to get his brothers food and clothes but then he went into darker actions to get money which wasn’t enough to support her education anymore.

At one of his attempts to earn some money to avoid Sera from dropping out the school Dracon got separated from his two brothers and they lost sight of him so they both tried to find their own way home.

Being captured

The CorSec authorities recognized the two boys in the street as the offspring of Jarek and Layla and captured Sera taking her apart from Jay`Den, who managed to escape. Being only 10 years old Sera was not of usage for the Empire so they sold her to a local crime lord called Norgam Tak who took her as a slave for his parties and reunions but always maintaining her close to him. After she grew up Norgam began to fall in love with her, and began to use her as entertainment for him only. She started to become manipulative and spoiled, getting pretty much everything she wanted as long as she obeyed. Sera developed anger against Norgam for keeping her as a trophy and also against the empire for destroying her life and separate her from her family.

Several years later, when Norgam was already old, tired and sick one of his employees rebelled against his partners; Sera took her chance of revenge through the turmoil and killed Norgam with his own blaster on a rush of despair. She ran away realizing what she had done and found herself in the hangar of Tak’s Palace, she addressed to the nearest vehicle and without any knowledge about piloting (as she was never allowed to board a vehicle unless it was on a cargo bay) she attempted to take off out of the building but crashed into the bay and fainted afterwards.

Last slaver

She woke up a few days later in a small room, reminisced her bedroom at Norgam’s lodging. It turned out to be a prison chamber of Norgam Tak’s best friend, Zeven Khan, who saw her several times before at Tak’s parties. Zeven was informed about the incident at his friend’s place and inquired among the rubble where he found Sera and took her as slave once more. Accustomed to the lifestyle, she had no other option but to delight and charm Zeven to give her the amenities she desired. Months passed by routinely until Sera grew tired of her life of slavery, she managed to convince Zeven in taking her for a trip on his personal ship, and once on the ride she tried to learn the basics of piloting, and so the tours around Khan’s territories became frequent before Sera felt ready to fly a spacecraft on her own and she planned her escape.

Zeven had many employees running as his personal security guards, and many of them used to be assigned to look after Sera, one of the body guards called Alec Toor paid too much attention to Sera’s movements and she knew it. Occasionally Khan organized parties for Corellian festivities just like Tak used to, and Sera waited for the perfect celebration where there was not too many guests and when she saw a good opportunity to fly away, manipulative as she was, convinced Alec into helping her to kill Zeven and flee together. Toor foolishly believed her and caused a revolt by attacking Zeven, although he wasn’t as good as the rest of the body guards and got killed, fortunately for Sera that gave her time enough to implement her plan and ran to the hangar as she had done once before, but this time she had notions on what to do and boarded Zeven’s personal ship, escaping from Corellia as there were neither fond memories or family she knew.

Adult Life

The most obvious destination after leaving Corellia was Commenor as she heard from the bounty hunters at Norgam and Zeven's palaces it was the closest planet to Corellia owned by the New Republic where people could hide easily and escape from any trouble they had specially from the Empire. Sera arrived at the capital city and wandered around, being 20 years old the taverns were the main attraction. She eventually found a small gang of pirates who embraced her on their local assaults getting more ambitious with time, and eventually flew away from the planet looking for more. The pirates started to make a stock of wares they didn’t really need and decided to settle down in Calawel to sell them in the black market turning themselves in smugglers instead. The gang began to have dealings with with ryll patches and deathsticks mainly, and Sera took the roll of distributor although she never actually used one. The CorSec intelligence however got alerted of the gang and captured them all to stop the smuggler business upon their territory, and despite Sera’s attempts to escape from the arrest, she was put into jail not before hiding a small stash of patches. Once in prison she tried to escape, but decided the best choice was to make one of the guards to fell in love with her to eventually release her or decrease her sentence. She succeeded with the manager of the prison and got lawfully released sooner. She now needed to get away from the planet as there was nothing left for her in Calawel, so took the patches out of concealment and quickly traded them for credits. The CorSec authorities spot her again but she managed to sneak out and jump into the first public civic transport barge she saw, using the credits she earned to pay for the trip. The barge ended up in Kal`Shebbol, a planet governed by the Krath Dynasty the planet got plenty of taverns in the main cities and she entered one where she happened to meet Andric Lucid, a tall Barabel who used to be the leader of the InterGalactic Banking Clan before it went broke and eventually dissolved. They became friends soon and as Andric explained that he was now joining a faction of one of his closest friends, Sera got interested and joined as well.

Thyrsus Sun Guards

Andric took Sera in his ship on his way to Ketaris, the 5 days trip gave them time to know each other better. At their arrival to Ketaris Andric introduce her to Ayame Aevum one of the HC of TSG, she offered her a job in her faction and after a life full of deceits she agreed to spare some time for a regular life. Ayame and Sera kept in touch as the work required but got separated from Andric.

After a few weeks after her first assignment Sera got news about Andric through Ayame; He was murdered, it was the first time in years she actually felt sad for someone and aimed to find the killer and get revenge on his name. Sadly her researches didn’t flourished and she got back to work for Ayame who noticed Sera’s change of mood and sent her on vacations to Corellia

Corellian Society


Sera arrived at Corellia assured that Ayame sent her to find clues. She knew that rumors like that flown on taverns so she entered into "Corellians Haven" where she met Vesh Oleander. Vesh talked with her about the Corellian Society and convinced her to join the society explaining it was not a faction but a group formed mainly by fellow Corellians, she didn’t need to leave her faction to be part of the society however she decided to entirely work for the Society, leaving Ayame's faction


As she introduced herself into the society, she saw among the other members (who recurrently met together at the "Corellian's Haven" bar) a man called Dracon. The name was familiar yet the pass of time made it blurred from her memories, however the resemblance to her father was noticeable.

The days passed by while she got more and more interested in that man's life until she finally saw an accessory on him that made her realize what he really was. It was ring used in her family by males had engraved the Cor's crest such as the pendant she used to wear (carried in her family by females). She decided to come clean with him and tell Dracon about their bond. After a few days of struggling, Dracon accepted the fact that they were brothers, so he took Sera into his faction “Smugglers Alliance” as an excuse for getting to know each other better. Dracon talked with her about Jay`Den, they both kept in touch after she got captured by the Empire, and they were working in the smuggling faction. Sera was already involved with the smuggling way of life so it didn’t took her too long to get along but after her experience on Thyrsus Sun Guards, going back to smuggling was not part of Sera’s plans. It was hard for her to make the decision to leave the Smugglers Alliance mainly because her two brothers were there, but at least now they would not lose track of each other again. One of Sera's close friend Crislyn Anessa Wyren introduced her to her government faction Tion Hegemony where she saw an opportunity to grow and joined shortly after... (to be continued)

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