User's Guide

User's Guide

Administrative Functions

In General

The archive consists of files (pages, articles). If you have access to the administrative functions of the archive, you can create/edit the contents of these files, give them titles, and classify them. You can then reference them by their title in other files, to make navigation in the archives easier, creating a net of information.


Pages of information. They can contain HTML tags, and - just like in a wiki - special tags that will be parsed by the PHP pre-processor before displaying the contents.


File titles should be shorter than 35 characters, and should not contain HTML or BBC tags. File titles are used to identify and reference the files.


Every header created by using the h1, h2, h3, h4 HTML tags will automatically become an Anchor inside a file. This is a point in the file which can be directly referred to from inside the current mode or from another file. If you navigate to the location of the Anchor by clicking on a reference pointing to it, the browser window will automatically scroll the view to the given Anchor on the page.

Biography Files

Biography files are special files that every citizen can create one of. When a citizen creates one, the file will be linked to his or her account, and the citizen will become the owner. Citizens will be able to edit their single Biography file regardless of their access level to the Intel Archives.

Every Biography File comes with a small profile window attached to the top right corner, including personal and career information, as well as an Avatar of the citizen. This window will not show up in edit mode however.


To create a reference to a file or an anchor inside a file, use the following tag:


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