Biography of Jake Sparrow

Name: Jake Sparrow
Callsign: Elmo

Rank: Senior Craftsman (8)
Duty: Production
Dept.: Operations
Faction: Tion Mil/Sci Industries

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 38


A young boy did nothing but watch the ships fly over his familys humble abode. For 10 years the youngster held on to his dream of reaching the stars while studying in a local academy of engineering&science. As years passed the imperial regin on his homeworld was crumbling because of the rebellion whitch had  grown to a force to be reconing with and was now openlly confronting the emperor. On his last year before finish the academy the rebels decided to hit the empire forces on the planet a final blow. Nowhere were safe to hide. The imperial garrison and the unhappy citizens with the aid of the rebel alliance clashed together everywhere. In the ruse of chaos many of the students ran away from their studies to join the rebellion or rushed to aid the imperial garrison. But he kept on studying to gain a better understanding of machines. The war took it's toll and the academy was mostly abandoned, some like sparrow remained and blast doors were sealed to keep the war outside, and connections were cut to the outside.

Behind the doors..

As there weren't enought students nor lectors to go around after the sealing to form many different groups a one big group of students was formed. The group was called "Class X" there were no subjects or separate lections with only one exception. The grand lector who was a field scientist in many secret projects taught the students who wished forbidden subjects that the imperial goverment didin't want the general population to know. Fringe science and different brances of forbitten knowlege,forgotten technology and more . The young man was aprt of that group. Studying was dangerous for them, many experiments and training in the special class were not from the safest side. Students died from the experiments, but still the group kept on studying and surviving bearing the motto of: "We chose the path of knowlege and accepted our fate"


At gratuation the fringe group had diminished greatly and many were injured. Including the young man who had lost his left eye. The students opened the blast doors to uncover that their planet was completely shattered, the whole planet infrastructure and most of the databanks were destroyed or damaged. The young man used this as a chance for a new beginning and changed his name to Jake Sparrow and fulfilled his dream of grasping the stars by enlisting himself onboard a small freighter as an engineer. For months he traveled onboard the freighter and visited new places that he had never seen before.

Written by Jake Sparrow, 14 years ago.
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