GNS: Jeff Corbin Gives His Support And Views on Things

(Posted by Rel Centurica on [DATE MISSING]) GNS: Jeff Corbin Gives His Support And Views on Things

Rel Centurica, Managing Director and Personal Assistant to Jeff Corbin of the Nikklon Mining Incorporated, hit his ship's comm button as the comm received light flashes..

"Sir, what can I do for you?"
"I'm sending a transmission I want you to put on the GNS tonight. Please make it clear that this transmission is of my own writing and nothing to do with NMI."
"Understood, sir. Centurica out."

Rel punches up a screen in his ship's console and transmits the news to the GNS.

Jeff Corbin Gives His Support And Views on Things

This transmission is of Jeff Corbin's personal writing and has no relation whatsoever to the Nikklon Mining Incorporated.

As I was doing my usual skimming of the galactic news, I came across an interesting transmission that I had to honestly pause, and slowly read each word, so as to understand what was going on. I should say I was moved by the transmission sent to the galactic news by the well known Jedi Master Reajiad Nero, but even that is still too small a word to use to describe my feelings.

Yes, we all know that all hell seems to have broken lose in the galaxy, and everyone seems to be turning to the world of theft and fraud, but yet the fact that a Jedi would also steal was shocking to me at first. I know a lot of thieves, I have been stolen from by a few, and yet I don't think anyone can ever say that I have stolen from them. This is not because I am not in a criminal faction, or because I am good. It is simply because I choose not to.

We all know what is right and what is wrong. Stealing is wrong in all counts, though stealing from a thief in order to pay those that he had stolen from - which in my case mind you - is still a crime... is at least understandable. Jedi Master Felix and some others who have stolen from thieves in order to pay to the ones that were stolen from should at least be acknowledged for at least trying to do something good.

Which now brings me to the main case at hand, which is that of Master Jedi Felix and also all those within the Jedi Circle. Now correct me if I am wrong, but aren't Jedi supposed to use what powers they have to make sure justice is served? And also, to write wrongs as they see fit. Though I must say I have never understood their ways, but I do know that deception and mind tricks is one of the ways that Jedi uses to gain what they desire, as long as it is for the good of the galaxy. Needless to say, Master Jedi Felix used that method to achieve what he wanted, and this was to give to those that have been so badly wronged by thieves some sort of support. I trust that however badly viewed his actions were, you all should not look at it as if Jedi are not supposed to do such things, because technically it was merely a deception in order to better the galaxy, which for me is okay in my book.

So with this I guess, I openly say I do support what Master Jedi Felix [did] - if he did in fact do it to a thief - and I am positive that the Jedi Council will investigate on this, and make their judgment as they have always done in countless events that have happened in the galaxy. And Master Jedi Reajiad Nero, I do support and acknowledge your efforts, and also the efforts of countless Jedi in this chaotic galaxy.

May The Force Be With You All.

In another note, NMI acknowledges the high level of theft activities, but we can either do something about it to decrease or prevent such occurrences, or stop increasing the numbers of useless talks about it.

On board the YT-1300 Nikklon Transporters in system Dellalt.

Written by Gunn Starfall, 14 years ago.
Last updated on Year 13, Day 141, 14:46:48.
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