Biography of Dax Owok

Name: Dax Owok
Callsign: Prophet

Rank: ()
Duty: -
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Corellian
Gender: Male
Age: 14

I had a humble and, some may say, boring upbringing.  My father was a beet and potato farmer and my mother was a homemaker. My older sister and I started working the farm at an early age, learning the satisfaction and pride of a hard days work.  Working the farm was a necessity not a passion.  I always felt I was destined for something greater, something more exciting.  A pilot maybe.

I worked the farm life for several years.  With my help, the farm became a great source of income and stability for my family.  So much so that my father was able to bring on payed, skilled labor to help out with the daily monotonous tasks.  The work that my sister and I provided was no longer required. My sister eventually married and moved to a neighboring countryside with her husband Koran Feckle. I remained at the farm for a couple of years after she left.

My brother-in-law, Koran Feckle, was a former Rebel Alliance fighter pilot who was injured saving his Commanding Officer. As part of the discharge settlement, the Rebel Alliance gave Koran two A-Wings. He modified the A-Wings to hold canisters of chemicals to deploy over fields of crops. With his 2 A-Wings in tow, Koran started a crop dusting business called “Feckle’s Dusting”. Koran was looking for a pilot for the 2nd A-Wing and I was looking for a job that would take me away from the farm. Koran reluctantly agreed to take me on as his second pilot. At the age of 13, my parents allowed me to leave the farm and move in with my sister and brother-in-law, Koren.

It wasn’t long before I was piloting the A-Wing like a seasoned veteran pilot; in fact, Koran’s business flourished because of my piloting skills and strict work ethic. It seemed like I was destined to be a pilot; it felt so natural being in a cockpit.

Koran made enough money after 10 years of work that, combined with the credits from the sale of the two A-Wings, he was able to retire and live comfortably with his wife and two small children. Now jobless, I took the opportunity that Koran's retirement brought to open another chapter in my life.

I enlisted with the Tion Hegemony’s military as a fighter pilot on Year 10, Day 061. I'm still writing this Chapter.

Written by Dax Owok, 14 years ago.
Last updated on Year 13, Day 244, 17:43:35.
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