GNS: Nikklon Mining Incorporated (NMI) commences operations

(Posted by Rel Centurica on [DATE MISSING]) GNS: Nikklon Mining Incorporated (NMI) commences operations

The GNS logo spins in your holonet transceiver and fades to show a human female reporter in a press conference.

"We are coming to you live from the newly established NMI headquarters where the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the Corporation will make an official statement to launch this new Corporation into the galactic economy..."

As the reporter finishes her opening statement, you see two human males emerge from the backstage to take their places on the podium. One of them takes his position on the podium while the other stands behind to the right.

"Good day everyone. I am Rel Centurica, Managing Director of Nikklon Mining Incorporated. I would like to start off by thanking you for being here to broadcast this glorious day for the rebirth of a noble Corporation. Nikklon Mining Incorporated aims to hunt for raw resources available in the galaxy and bring them to those who would have use for them. Our employees are dedicated members of every field necessary to accomplish what we have set out to do. Minerals, chemicals, gases... the materials you will need to build either your fleet of starships, vehicles or even accesories and equipment for ground forces, you will be able to purchase them from us. Now, I would like to present to you, the man who made this Corporation possible..." Rel steps back and indicates the other human standing behind him, "Mr. Jeff Corbin."

Jeff relieves Rel of his place on the podium and an eruption of applause comes from the audience of press representatives and foreign diplomats.

"Today is the day many of us have waited for and now it has come to reality. We have worked endlessly to plan and execute operations and preparations that were key in successfully rebuilding Corporation. I would first like to thank Mr. Centurica for his time and effort in general planning, recruitment and building of our holosite. Mr. Prakhzum, for his talents in developing internal management systems and smooth transportation operations. Mr. Geb, for his contribution to the Research Department. Mr. Xess, for his planning on overall security for all our operations. All our efforts have beared fruit today as we establish our foothold within the galaxy..."

As Jeff finishes, an event coordinator signals for a Q&A session, which prompted many press representative to raise their hands to present their questions.

"Will the NMI be serving a particular faction or a specific group of factions?"

"No, NMI is a neutral faction which will provide their service to all who requires it so long as they do not harm the Corporation."

"How are you going to compete with already established mining organizations?"

"Well, our prices will be as competitive as they can be, and we will endeavour to increase our quality of service to surpass all others."

"How do you feel about the team of employees at NMI who have initialize the starting of this Corporation?"

"We have gotten many aspiring employees and they are all as enthusiastic as their command staff to ensure the success of this Corporation. I feel we have a good start with employees and NMI should hit the ground running."

With that, the event coordinator signals the end of the Q&A and announces the
end of the press release session, despite more hands being raised. Jeff and Rel
retreats into the backstage and you see the GNS logo once again fading into your
holonet transceiver.

Onboard the YT-1300 Nikklon Transporters in system Dellalt.

Written by Gunn Starfall, 14 years ago.
Last updated on Year 13, Day 141, 14:45:59.
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