Biography of Talen Mordare

Name: Talen Mordare
Callsign: Deuce

Rank: Chief Executive Officer (15)
Duty: The Boss
Dept.: Executives
Faction: Nikklon Mining Incorporated

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Talen Mordare is the current second-in-command within the Tion Hegemony.


Personal log entry:

"I am a simple human. Born on the Outer Rim in an old trading station, that was ran by my family and friends. We mostly supplied the out of reach low civilization planets most traders ignored, along with repairing the occasional freighter that lumbers in. On my first solo supply run, I returned to find the station all but destroyed. After a long painful search, I found all my friends and loved ones murdered except my sister and her best friend. She was a Kiffar female whose family ran the cafeteria aboard the station. I gathered what supplies I could and headed out into the wider galaxy, in search of whoever committed this horrible act. The old YT I was using all but fell apart around me when I was hit by a freak meteor storm. I survived the crash landing by jumping into an escape pod. I found myself with little credits and very few supplies on Tatooine. I was lucky enough to meet Vorso Bel, who recommended that I join Nikklon Mining Incorporated with him, while I gathered the resources to continue the hunt for my sister and our friend. It has been almost three years now and I have exhausted most avenues for the continuing search. I was asked to be one of the members of our newly forming government, the Tion Hegemony, and have thrown myself into the work of making it great. For some reason, they chose me to be the second-in-command, so I just try not to screw up too badly too often."

Written by Talen Mordare, 14 years ago.
Last updated on Year 12, Day 67, 04:09:43.
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