Biography of Joe Strik

Name: Joe Strik
Callsign: Pyro

Rank: Lead Engineer (7)
Duty: -
Dept.: Logistics
Faction: Nikklon Mining Incorporated

Race: Corellian
Gender: Male
Age: -

The first thing he remembers is fire, then pain. He remembers waking up in a jumbled heap of burning recage on Corellia. He has lost all of his memories before the crash. His ship was destroyed and all he had in his posession was 80,000 credits, a vibro blade and badly damaged Mandalorian armour. When he relised what had happened he looked around the wreckage and found that he had crashed into a speeder. Its sole occupant was knocked out but alive and clearly an officer of somekind so he decided to kill the officer, and take his identity, knowing only that he was a Mando.

A few months later he got offered a job in TMSI, then known as Frost Shipyards and he gladly took it, knowing that it might mean that he would probably travel the Galaxy and that he just might find out who he used to be, but until then he calls himself Joe Strik.

Having faithfully served in TMSI he got an offer of promotion into a new faction called Athakam MedTech. He took the job and has been working there ever since, tring to figure out if he was a mercenary, or just a thief who luckily landed himself a nice set of Mandalorian Armour, which was damaged so badly that no one would fix it, all that was left was a battle scared helmet that he kept with him at all times to remind him of his past life.

Traveling the Galaxy he found out that he was well versed if many different languages, one of them Mando'a, and that he was quite adept at trading. He earned himself quite a large fortune, which he has invested into many different projects, most of them classified...

Written by Joe Strik, 13 years ago.
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