Biography of Adriav Solon

Name: Adriav Solon
Callsign: Lancer

Rank: ()
Duty: -

Race: Chiss
Gender: Male
Age: 36

Birthplace: Lianna
Race: Chiss
Sex: Male
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Red
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 205 Pounds
Marital Status: Single
Known Family: Tironos Solon (Father), Larena Varsin (Mother)
Affiliation: Tion Hegemony
Current Rank & Position: Apprentice, Tion Hegemony
Former Ranks & Positions: N/A

Csilla was a warzone. Despite the sub-zero temperatures, the planet was constantly under seige by false rulers claiming to be the legitimate Chiss Ascendancy. The New Republic claims to have 'liberated' Csilla, but that was merely another false government rule. Millions of Chiss were forced to leave their homes due to the war and conflict. One of those Chiss was Tironos Solon. Tironos boarded a transport headed for the Tion Cluster. Upon arriving at Lianna, Tironos offered his skills to the small shipbuilder on the planet. In this capacity, he met a young Chiss diplomat named Larena Varsin who was employed by the Tion Hegemony. They married, and had a son named Adriav.

Adriav Solon was born on Lianna on Year -13, Day 276. He grew up working with his father, who mainly focused on researching and developing new weapons systems for ships. Being a Chiss, he was a natural-born leader. At the earliest age, Adriav began to attend Tion Academies. There, he developed his leadership skills and honed his abilities. Adriav was a fine Junior Officer at the Academy, where he rose through the ranks quickly and graduated the Academy at the top of his class. Despite his incredible strength and heavy weapons training, Adriav was never interested in military service - instead using his skills to aid the people of the Tion Cluster through improving infrastructure design, and city planning to reduce crime and poverty.

At the age of 24, Adriav officially submitted paperwork to become a Commissioned Officer in the Tion Hegemony Government. Leaving his family behind to begin his service to the Tion people, Adriav looks towards a bright future in the Hegemony.

Written by Adriav Solon, 13 years ago.
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