Biography of Ignatius Paak

Name: Ignatius Paak
Callsign: -

Rank: Senior Administrator (11)
Duty: Political Affairs
Dept.: Interior Ministry
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Alderaanian
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Ignatius Paak is of Alderaanian heritage, born in the Tion Cluster who maintained a stedfast commitment to law and order. Home schooled and self taught from a young age, he took an interest in the law and politics while working for both parents in their Alderaan Political Offices. Upon serving a successful term as Mayor of Cadinth, he found himself working inside the Cluster-wide system of Government in his capacity as a political liaison to improve the lives of all Tion Cluster sentients. Through his loyalty to the law he built up a strong reputation as a man of the highest principles, putting away hardened criminals while braving death threats and rejecting the most ridiculous bribes. It's these beliefs that find him pushing the boundaries to improve the lives of all those around him, while turning people away from a life of crime and rehabilitating them into a brighter future on the right side of the law. This all changed however when he found himself on the other side of the law he fought so hard to protect, and his principles realigned with his life on the run. After months of less legitimate work, the skilled negotiator and kind hearted man decided to seek retirement away from the prying eyes of galactic politics and conflict.


Where It All Began

The Early Years

Ignatius was born on Cadinth, a warm planet in the Tion Cluster to Vi and Mara Paak, educated political figures from Alderaan. During his early years as a child he took a strong affinity to reading and was able to read Galactic Basic publications before he could even walk. While his parents would frequently travel from their home to in the Tion Cluster to their homeworld of Alderaan to conduct both local and regional politics, Ignatius would frequently be left alone to survive, even from the age of three. Rather than join the local military academies and other armed service training operations for the young individuals in the Tion Cluster, Ignatius focused his young intellectual mind on the arts of reading and writing. Through his interests he would quickly grasp the political nature of the Tion Cluster and its local political figures. By the age of seven he was already volunteering in the Cadinth Municipal Office as a runner, passing on documents and other correspondents from one department to another around Cadinth which quickly became not only a high paying method of employment for a seven year old, but a handy way to gather an effective list of political contacts for his future employment opportunities and aspirations.
Home Sweet Home. The Paak family home on Cadinth. As he reached his teenage years he was put in charge of communications operations at the Cadinth Municipal Office, which allowed him to travel throughout the Tion Cluster to pass on urgent and essential documents and materials to the various organisations around the Cluster as required. This allowed him to learn to art of Ship Piloting, and with the help of a number of security personnel inside the Municipal Office, Ignatius was able to pilot a various range of craft, from single seater shuttles for small journeys, through the large freighters for long hauls and big shipments. While juggling the job at the Municipal Office and his education, Ignatius would frequently assist his mother and father in their political careers, frequently partaking in discussions and offering his opinion on a range of issues, many of which his parents encouraged and used as their own arguments when they returned to Alderaan.

Political Aspirations

After completing his tenure at the Cadinth Municipal Office, Ignatius was treated to a gift from his parents, a Nu-Class Attack Shuttle known simply as, Ignatius. Thrilled by the gesture, Ignatius took his parents to the capital of the Tion Cluster, Desargorr, where they met with a number of Tion political figures to discuss relations between the Cluster and Alderaan. As part of the gift, Ignatius was invited to listen to the discussions between the esteemed officials, to help himself gain and understanding into galactic politics without just a focus on local Tion Cluster issues. These discussions went on for hours but Ignatius' attention did not falter, he was enthralled by the discussions even though the vast majority was focussed on waste management and other less desirable areas of public life. On the journey home to Cadinth, Ignatius decided he was ready to take the next step of his career and asked his father what the next best logical move was to enter public life. After a short talk with his parents, Vi decided to take Ignatius with him to Alderaan to work in his political offices, and get first hand insight and knowledge on political to compliment his growing interests and understanding with discussions and agreements.
On his first trip outside the Tion Cluster, Ignatius was understandably nervous, but his father and mother calmed him as they explained the similarities between Cadinth and Alderaan. When their Theta-class T-2c Shuttle arrived on Alderaan, Ignatius was escorted by his parents to their political offices and hired as an Intern, where he given a number of minor responsibilities, including low impact discussions with local unions and various interest groups wishing funding or attention from his parents and several other political figures. While the prospects of grunt work failed to appeal to many sentients in the galaxy, Ignatius saw it as a small unpleasant stepping-stone to a brighter future and soon enough was undertaking larger negotiation sessions with multiple groups and unions to interlock their interests with each other and avoid inconvenience or violence towards the citizens of Alderaan. With the praise of his father and mother, Ignatius was soon recognised for his negotiating abilities and given larger responsibilities, often acting as an emissary and representative for both his parents when their attention was need elsewhere throughout the galaxy, or to help them avoid being seen with someone they shouldn't be. With a growing plethora of staff and a large budget of credits at his disposal, Ignatius was soon able to get his hands around life in Alderaan, and invest in a number of corporations and conglomerates to give himself even greater political influence in the region. Not only did this allow himself greater room to manoeuvre his needs when required, it also allowed his parents to extend their political influences and in turn their political lives by tapping into a large base of donations and favours to continuously beat their opponents in their relevant elections.

Leave Alderaan Behind

After long and prosperous political lives on Alderaan, Vi and Mara Paak began to grow tired of political life and the growing influence of outside corporations and decided to return to Cadinth in the Tion Cluster and retire from the public lifestyle that served them so well for so many years. At the age of twenty-two, Ignatius was faced with two choices, pursue a political life on Alderaan without the watchful eyes of his parents, or return to his home and build something new from the ground up. Keeping the family strong was his number one priority, and he accompanied his family home on their Theta-class T-2c Shuttle to live once again inside the Tion Cluster. After various upgrades to their home over the years in their absence, Ignatius was now able to communicate throughout the galaxy, without having to travel to Desargorr to establish a communication outside the Tion Cluster, thanks to their new holonet communication device. This allowed him to continue his relationships with the various political agencies on Alderaan, which establishing himself throughout the Tion Cluster. As he parents enjoyed retirement, tending to their personal memoirs and operating a small tavern in the heart of Cadinth, Ignatius decided to apply for work inside the Tion Judicial Courthouse, the main arbitrary establishment in the Tion Cluster. Travelling daily from Cadinth to Desargorr was an ambitious task, but it allowed him to sharpen his rusty piloting skills, while understanding the legal system of the Tion Cluster and their government, The Tion Hegemony. The Tion Judicial Courthouse, the arbitrary hub of Tion, located on Desargorr.
Beginning as a clerk, he was responsble for compiling paperwork for the various cases being heard before the court. Fast paced and ever-changing, Ignatius would frequently spend immense amounts of time, day and night, compiling paperwork for the various lawyers of the court. He would regularly find it an inefficient use of his time to travel back to his home on Cadinth, and would often either sleep at his desk or in his personal Nu-Class Attack Shuttle, Ignatius. As the cases came and went, his began to understand the various depths of the Tion Legal System, and would regularly conduct a moot court session with various protocol droids to sharpen his understanding of courtroom procedures as well as the range of summary and indictable offences punishable by Tion Law. Impressed by his briefs and work ethic, Ignatius, at the age of twenty-six, was promoted to be a lawyer for the Tion Judicial Courthouse, and began to conduct prosecutorial proceedings, arguing to keep the space lanes of Tion space from arrested pirate raiders and the streets of Desargorr safe from thieving criminals and other violent offenders.
It didn't take long for his allegiance to the legal system to be tested, as he would frequently receive a number of violent threats and become victim of bribery attempts to sway his positions and motivations. Shrugging off the threats and ignoring the bribes, he would continually push for extreme punishments for violent offenders, regardless of their political, cultural or economic standing in the community. After an evening of intense courtroom proceedings against the pirate Toxus Li, Ignatius was travelling back his Nu-Class Attack Shuttle, Ignatius, when he was assaulted by a number of Li's associates. Badly bruised and suffering from a broken nose, Ignatius became increasingly afraid of his career choice and feared it would be his eventual undoing. After a long-winded holocommunication with his mother Mara, he soon learned that these attacks were quite frequent and a hazard of the job. Having no training or understanding of self defence or weapons, Ignatius wondered if such a skill was a worthy investment. After being explained that words were the true weapons of the galaxy, Ignatius hatched a plan to capture his attackers. Returning to court the next day and bringing even darker aspects of the Toxus Li criminal enterprise into the guise of the Tion authorities, Ignatius was met once again by his attackers on his way back to his private shuttle, Ignatius. However this time, instead of being badly bruised and battered, his attackers were arrested by Tion Security Forces, as Ignatius placed a tracker and recording device in his pocket to lead the authorities to his position. Through this manoeuvre, Ignatius was able to gain greater intelligence on the criminal enterprise, and the case ended days later with a guilty verdict and execution for the pirate, Toxus Li.

Public Life Awaits

A Future Begins

After a number of years in the legal arena, Ignatius decided to pursue a career in the public sector outside the realm of the Tion Judicial Courthouse. With public endorsements from both his father and mother, along with political organisations from Alderaan and legal firms on Desargorr, Ignatius began down the road of public office, and registered to compete in the Mayorial race for Cadinth. Up against an experienced public servant, Janara Rootai, the boy from Cadinth chance of victory was slim from the outset, and Ignatius relied on the campaign plans of his parents, undertaking many public events and rallies to outsmart and outmanoeuvre his opponent on issues that affected Cadinth. With policies ranging from the Cadinth Shuttle Program, ensuring a free shuttle service throughout the Tion Cluster to all citizens of Cadinth to the Cadinth Preservation Effort, championing the restoration of many dilapidated Cadinth establishments, his popularity and political endorsements, not to mention fundraising, began to grow and he was soon leading the electoral race to be the Mayor of Cadinth. As the election drew closer, his political position and power grew stronger as many of his loyal friends from when he was an Intern on Alderaan continued to garnish him with support. While his opponents resources became scarce and political positions began to unravel as they became more rash and far-fetched, Ignatius campaigned more vigorously, even roping in his parents for joint political appearance to show his experience in areas of local governance. After a strong election result, in which he obtained seventy-three percent of the votes from the voting populous of Cadinth, Ignatius Paak was sworn in as the Mayor of Cadinth on his thirtieth birthday.

Get the Ball Rolling Mr. Mayor

As his three year term rapidly got underway, Ignatius began to oversee the growth of the Cadinth metropolis, including vigorous expansions of all residential sectors while growing the working sectors at the centre of the planet to enrich society and put an end to unemployment. Through strong ties to labour unions both inside the Tion Cluster and Alderaan, Ignatius was able to call in an exceptionally qualified and eager workforce to begin construction efforts, and even while simultaneously expanding both commercial and residential sectors, civilian happiness on Cadinth couldn't have been better. As cultural extravaganzas and other social oriented activities occupied Cadinth, the growth of the population and its construction regimes continued at rapid rates. Mid way through his term, the economy had growing exponentially and the population on Cadinth had risen to over four million sentients, a two hundred percent increase from when his term commenced. Due to this rapid expansion, sentients from the Tion Cluster began to see Cadinth as the newest tourist destination, and helped stimulate and grow the economy to further improve living situations. Immensely impressed with the finished products, Ignatius declared a planetary day of celebration, and allowed all sentients to gather in the capital for a day of festivities.
As the promised Cadinth Preservation Effort was now complete, Ignatius began to focus on his second election promise, the creation and integration of the Cadinth Shuttle Program. Viewed as an impossible task by his election counterpart, Ignatius decided to consult with various engineerings and planners from both inside and outside of the Tion Cluster. Understanding the need for an effective homebase as well as well maintained space lanes, Ignatius personally oversaw the construction of several Starports throughout the various providences on Cadinth, while improving security in space above it, by communicating with the Tion Hegemony and other regional governments around the Cluster to ensure safe passage for the shuttles. Met with overwhelming support from all parties involved, construction of a fleet of shuttles began while others were purchased from outside contractors to ensure a rapid deployment. During the final year of his term, the construction of the space lanes and all required shuttles was completed, and Ignatius enjoyed the first shuttle journey accompanied by his parents as they travelled on a round trip from Cadinth to Desargorr. Proud of his achievements, Ignatius decided to not contest a second term as Mayor of Cadinth, and publicly endorsed his successor from the Cadinth Democratic Party, Gaeriel Dojufi, and watched as the electoral process named his replacement. Pleased that the Democratic Party remained inside the Mayor's Office, Ignatius removed himself from public politics and took some time to himself as he began to focus on another arm of politics, life in big Government.

Step Three: Big Government

Find a New Home

After a widely popular and successful term inside the Mayor's office on Cadinth, Ignatius moved from his home to the capital of the Tion Cluster, Desargorr, to pursue a career in an even bigger realm of public politics, he wanted to understand and undertake responsibilities on a Cluster-wide scale. While he viewed the change as a large undertaking, he had no doubt that he could accomplish such goals given his strong political and legal background, along with the strong endorsements he received along the way. Ignatius begins a career in Cluster-wide Government. After moving into his new home on the outskirts of Desargorr, Ignatius began to establish political contacts inside the municipal sectors, along with the various arms of the Tion Cluster governing body, The Tion Hegemony. Entralled by the idea to make a difference to so many individuals, not just those of one planet in a Cluster, Ignatius began to spread his influence around local merchants to get his reputation around to help with his future endeavours. As he continued to build relationships with the smallest merchants through to the biggest corporations and conglomerates, his influence in Cluster politics grew even more and his voice began to be heard through a number of proxies and political figures throughout the Tion Cluster.
As he began to be noticed by various social and political circles on Desargorr, Ignatius was able to return to his root from when he was on Alderaan, and began to offer independent and unbiased views on various political issues, corporate enterprises and social situations as they arose within the Cluster. Respected by the wide range of political parties and social establishments available on Desargorr, he was soon able to publish a number of works through the Tion Cluster, including his views on societal improvement and advancement, as well as a government's need to regulate and the communities right to voice their opinions through various non-violent methods. As his views began to find their way all over the Tion Cluster, he began to manoeuvre himself into a position of influence throughout Tion space, and saw an opportunity within the Tion Hegemony to help shape the Cluster through a governmental body, like his days on Alderaan as an Intern for his family, and as Mayor of Cadinth. After several discussions with members of the Hegemony and its affiliated corporations, Ignatius found himself a place inside the Government, where he could influence the lives of more than the just a planet such as Cadinth, but an entire Cluster with a population of over eighty-one billion Tion sentients. Through his aspirations of public service as his will to help those around him, Ignatius officially submitted an application to serve in the Tion Hegemony.

While We're Waiting

As the background check commenced for his Tion Hegemony application, Ignatius saw an opportunity to purchase a stake in a growing communications and sales company operating in the galaxy. Fuzz Inc., owned and operated by Doc Jessa was regularly publishing opinion pieces and articles of interest on the Galactic News Service for all to read, regardless of their stance or context. Keen to become a partner in the company, Ignatius spent some time tracking down a way to communicate with Jessa. After several attempts, and many passing weeks, on Day 100 of Galactic Year 12, Ignatius was finally in a conversation with Doc Jessa, unfortunately for the two of them, it had to be over a holonet communication, instead of in person due to Jessa's previous engagements with the Galactic Empire in the Corporate Sector. They spoke for several hours and shared a number of stories, ideas and investment opportunities. Happy with the talk, Ignatius patiently waited for a response from Doc on his stock purchase. Another few days passed before Ignatius recieved a response, but a protocol droid finally met him in his home on Desargorr. It was there that the droid revealed that Doc Jessa had passed away, however he had given Ignatius complete ownership and control of the company Fuzz Inc. before he passed. Saddened by his passing but honoured by his decision and dedication, Ignatius vowed to keep Fuzz Inc. alive and use the company for his future political campaigns and endeavours.
With the future of Fuzz Inc. now secured, Ignatius focused his attention once more on the Tion Cluster and his pending application with the sectorial government, The Tion Hegemony. Finally, on Day 166 of Galactic Year 12, his citizenship application was approved after a thorough background check and interview, and he was accepted into the public affairs and legal division of the government having been awarded with the Tion Medal of Citizenship. While Construction and Logistics operations were prominent, Legal and Public Relations had taken a somewhat diminished role in policy as their attention was elsewhere. With the blessing of Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin, Ignatius, under the title of Senior Administrator, began to re-organise and restructure the department, including increasing output of information and news services to the public, while strengthening security protocols by implementing laws and statutes to compliment the existing Tion Hegemony Constitution. Given his previous experience as Mayor of Cadinth, along with his work inside the Alderaan offices of his parents, not to mention his strong connections in both political and business sectors of Alderaan and the Tion Cluster, Ignatius didn't take long to exert influence and improve operations in the Tion Hegemony, boosting their already effective protocols and operations.

Cures and Conversations

Having worked within the Legal and Public Relations domain of the Tion Hegemony for several months, output had steadily increased and more correspondents and information was flowing to outside sources. Praised and rewarded for his work, Ignatius was slowly moving up the Government, and given more responsibilities with every accomplishment. After information flow had been restored, Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin approached Ignatius and number of staff inside the Public Relations Department to help structure an effective system of laws for the Hegemony, while amending the Tion Constitution to reflect the various changes throughout the Cluster and its evolved system of Government since its inception. Such a process was a daunting one which would no doubt require a large amount of input from many sources including the people of the Hegemony, various Political Departments and Affiliates inside the Cluster, not to mention the ever-growing Imperial Union. Requiring inspiration and examples from already effective legal systems, Ignatius travelled to the Imperial capital of Coruscant to analyse their system of Government in action and research their legal system in comparison to what Tion's could be. Imperial Health Examination Photo #45632 - Ignatius Paak.Being his first trip to the Imperial Capital, and his first major individual trip away from where he'd visited as a child, Ignatius was anxious but also excited. Given he'd only seen Alderaan and the Tion Cluster in reality, he was exciting to see the other cultures thriving throughout the Galaxy. Travelling in his personal Nu-Class Attack Shuttle, Ignatius, he finally got a chance to use his Imperial Union credentials, and set out for the capital of Coruscant.
Upon his arrival in the system, he began to feel ill. He was constantly perspiring, was light-headed and suffering from shortness of breath. After passing a number of Imperial Security Bureau checks inside the system, and on the planet of Coruscant, Ignatius checked in to an Imperial Hospital for an evaluation. After a number of tests, Ignatius was diagnosed with Trichinitis, a non-fatal irritation that occurs during space flight and other highly concentrated areas, causing shortness of breathe and varying forms of discomfort, ranging from headaches to loss of consciousness. Ignatius remained at the hospital for a number of hours after his evaluation for observation, allowing the irritation to subside. After several hours of observation, Ignatius was given a prescription for a number of stimulants that would need to be taken regularly to stop to re-occurance of the irritation, before being discharged. His initial excitement had worn off, and Ignatius decided to cut his trip short. Visiting just a select number of cultural attachés and legal offices inside the Imperial Government, Ignatius was distracted, barely able to comprehend the vast array of legal documents and jargon at his disposal. His job had suddenly become compromised as his attention was elsewhere, focusing on the disease he had just been diagnosed with. Gathering whatever documents and information he could quickly get his hands on, Ignatius left the capital to recuperate. Frustrated at his current situation, Ignatius docked onboard a nearby station used by Imperial Union personnel in the Coruscant system to catch his breathe and gather his thoughts over a cool glass of Corellian Ale. Sitting alone at a table, he slowly drank his Ale as he calmed himself. Given Trichinitis was just a minor irritation and not a life threatening illness, Ignatius realised that worse things could have been, and soon returned to his enthusiastic self.

Falling Into Place

As he reported back to his offices on Desargorr, Ignatius finally had a Code of Laws coming together. After many hours of writing throughout his hyperspace journey and in conference with a number of officials throughout the Cluster, the Code of the Laws was almost ready for official review. While frequently approached by travelling lobbyists and political operations to have the laws reflect their corporate interests, Ignatius was pleased that his work and documentation had been made to benefit the people of Tion as a whole, and not a small group of corporate conglomerates operating within the Cluster. With only final touches left, Ignatius spent some time travelling around the Cluster completing smaller governmental documentation for various planets on the outskirts. Ranging from council agreements to observational reports, his work was always keeping him busy. A side effect of his work was his frequent use of stimulants to offset the effects of his Trichinitis and its various irritants. After further evaluations in conference with a number of skilled Tion technicians and medical professionals, Ignatius decided to purchase another vessel to compliment his travel arrangements, in fear that his personal Nu-Class Attack Shuttle, Ignatius, was the primary cause of his suffering. After meeting with a number of merchants, Ignatius purchased a Hammerhead Cruiser named DJ in honour of Doc Jessa, former owner of Fuzz Inc.. Allowing himself to work in a greater workspace while travelling instead of a smaller shuttle, Ignatius hoped that he would require less use of stimulants and would be able to decrease his dependance. After he finalised the purchase, he returned to Desargorr to submit his completed Code of Laws for review and consent by the Tion Hegemony.
Despite a productive environment with great progress on the Code of Laws, Ignatius' condition worsened. Even with the larger environment that the Hammerhead Cruiser offered, his Trichinitis regularly affected him, causing regular discomfort and various other abnormalities. Tired of his condition, and with stimulants now showing limited improvement, Ignatius landed on Desargorr to seek further assistance with his condition. Purchasing an MD Medical Droid, designated TEX-MD from a local merchant, he decided to take a small leave of absence to spend some time through various Tion Medical Facilities. Volunteering with a small charity known as the Desargorr Outreach Program, Ignatius was able to spend time learning about ways to overcome his Trichinitis from a large array of Medical Professionals while giving less fortunate individuals throughout the Tion Cluster the chance receive first-class legal and medical advice they would not normally have the ability to afford. With stimulants now ineffective, Ignatius was forced to purchase a Bacta Tank to help remedy the effects. Under close observation from his personal Medical Droid, TEX-MD, Ignatius was required to spend several hours in a Bacta Tank daily to help remedy the effects. Returning to the space above Desargorr, Ignatius began his regiment to subside the effects caused by his ever troublesome Trichinitis.


Deja Vu

With his Trichinitis regiments consuming more and more of his daily life, Ignatius decided to move back to his home on Cadinth where he could spend sometime on the ground, enjoying the fresh breezes and smells of his home planet instead of orbiting various planets around the Tion Cluster, irritating his ever troublesome disease. Landing outside his family estate on Cadinth, he finally had the opportunity to see his family again after a prolonged absence. Greeted by his ecstatic parents, Ignatius spent several weeks in their presence sharing stories of his political The close cousin, Helena Korr.exploits on Desargorr and life inside the Tion Hegemony, while his parents told him of how life had continued on Cadinth since the end of his term as Mayor. With various provisions of the Tion Code of Laws up for review and approval within the various legal departments of the Tion Hegemony, Ignatius was able to spend time on more personal ventures. Through contacts he had made inside the Hegemony, he purchased various stock options in a number of Tion charities and smaller ventures, along with a small stake in the larger nationalised companies of Tion Mil/Sci Industries and Athakam MedTech. While this gave him an effective network in which to manage and view Tionese operations on his own time, he felt that other investment opportunities were available to him. Given his experiences with the Desargorr Outreach Program and his term as Mayor of Cadinth, he had a unique perspective on situations various underprivileged Tion citizens could face on and day-to-day basis, and he met with a number of Cadinth planning officials to outline a plan to build more infrastructure on the planet, along with an increase in medical and wellbeing facilities to help people like those that frequented the Desargorr Outreach Program.
After a month of recuperation, Ignatius was well rested and eager to return to the halls of the Tion Hegemony on Desargorr to continue his work. However, several days prior to his intended departure, Mara Paak suffered a minor injury to her hip after a speeder accident, and was hospitalised at Cadinth Memorial Hospital. After a detailed evaluation and a number of tests, doctors were able to determine she had been suffering from Drakñahr Syndrome, which caused the bodies vital organs to rapidly degrade over a number of years, inevitably causing decreased bodily function and death. Doctors at Cadinth Memorial established that her hip injury was due to the advanced state of her illness, and that her time was short. Distraught by the news of his mother, Ignatius sought comfort from his father as Mara rested in the hospital. Together, they spent time at their family estate preparing for the inevitable. When they returned the following day, Ignatius found Helena Korr, his cousin, comforting his mother who was surprisingly upbeat and cheerful despite the news. Due to her various modelling contracts and other ventures throughout the galaxy, Ignatius and Helena rarely crossed paths despite the fact they got on like siblings. They corresponded when they could, but time was always in the way and they were rarely able to get together or even talk to each other on a regular basis. Embracing each other, they each felt the others emotional struggle with Mara's illness, and stayed together with Vi at Mara's bedside until her untimely death a week later. Saddened by her passing, they buried Mara outside the family estate on a peaceful piece of land at the top of a hill and spent another week together at the family estate where they became closer than ever as they shared stories while coming to terms with the loss of another family member.

Change of Scenery

With Mara Paak laid to rest outside the family estate on Cadinth, Vi Paak now faced the painful task of living his life alone. With the loss of his beloved wife damaging his will and happiness in life, Ignatius left him alone and took his cousin away to not only give his father some much needed privacy to mourn, but also give himself and his cousin Helena a chance to quietly catch up on lost time, and plan how each would deal with such a loss. With no other living relatives, Ignatius had never felt the loss of a loved one and didn't know how to take the news. He spent several hours travelling around the Cadinth metropolis with Helena, aimlessly moving from location to location with no real objective or plan. Noticing his pain and loss of direction, Helena took some time to give Ignatius an insight into life without loved ones, given both her parents had passed, while also gently reminding him of the fact that he would have to go through the anguish not only a second time, but possibly more. As they comforted each other and shared their hectic histories with each other, they thought about how they could remain in closer contact throughout the galaxy given their close connection to each other. With Helena's modelling contracts and other social commitments moving her more frequently to the inner regions of the galaxy, Ignatius thought that perhaps a move was in order. Having rarely spent time outside the Tion Cluster since his time as a child working for his parents, he thought that moving further into the galaxy to keep his family together was a better idea. Returning home to the family estate, Ignatius shared the plan with his father Vi would couldn't have agreed with it more had he tried. Given his heartbreaking loss, he had no reason to stay within the Tion Cluster unless he wanted to prolong his pain. Given their history within the political circles of Alderaan, Vi decided it best that he return home to Alderaan. Bidding farewell to his beloved home and his wife for what could be the last time, Vi gathered his relevant personal effects and boarded his personal Theta-class T-2c Shuttle, and headed for Alderaan.
As the trio arrived on Alderaan, they immediately purchased a quiet property on the outskirts for Vi to live. A large villa overlooking the tranquil waterfalls was perfect for his retired father, but the property also had more than enough space for both Ignatius and Helena to live when required. As Vi settled in and began rebuilding his relationships from his political years, Helena focused on organising her personal and business commitments throughout the Inner Regions, placing her hub primarily on Alderaan. Despite the potential for loss of business, Helena felt that keeping the family together was more important that a modelling contract or a petty social visit that pandered to ambassadorial heavyweights throughout the Outer-Region Governments. With his father squared away and his cousin now managing her personal and business ventures comfortably throughout the Alderaan System, Ignatius now faced the painful decision of whether he should scale back his political efforts and portfolios throughout the Tion Hegemony and the Tion Cluster to spend more time on Alderaan with his family, or to simply end his political career inside the Tion Cluster entirely. As he boarded his Hammerhead Cruiser DJ and began his journey back to the Tion Cluster, he spent the time comprehending his life altering decision and what his life would become if he decided to leave the Cluster behind.

Separation Anxiety

Returning to the Tion Cluster, Ignatius returned to his family's estate of Cadinth to find in bare and empty due to his father's departure back to Alderaan. Hiring a number of droids from the metropolis, he spent the next couple of days cleaning and renovating the estate to call it his own, while ensuring the memorial to his mother Mara was well maintained. As his Trichinitis subdued after the long hyperspace journey, Ignatius spent the remainder of the week finalising a decision. While the long hyperspace journey had given him time to weigh both sides of his possible future, the decision was a hard one to make. Remaining in the Tion Cluster would mean visits to his father would be minimal at best, and his relationship with his cousin Helena would no doubt return to a more distant state as she continued her modelling contracts throughout the Inner Regions of the Galaxy. However, moving to Alderaan would involve him spending a number of years setting down new roots and re-establishing contacts with various friendships on Alderaan, while bidding farewell to his political aspirations and history throughout Tion Space. As the days came and went, his decision began to reveal itself, and his future was looking to be located in the Tion Cluster. After a number of public engagements fulfilled his time, including being awarded the Cadinth Betterment Award by his Mayoral successor Gaeriel Dojufi for services to the people of Cadinth as Mayor, and as a private citizen, he came to the conclusion that he couldn't walk away from his home, and boarded a shuttle back to the capital of Desargorr to continue his work. As he returned to his offices in the capital, he could immediately notice a number of changes. With his Legal Codex at the final stages of review and implementation, his workload would no doubt increase with public relations commitments as the code came into effect. As he witnessed the flurry of activity over the new initiative, his understanding of life inside the Cluster only grew as the cogs of government only seemed to move faster and faster, and deep down he knew he had chosen the right path.
With the Legal Codex progressing through the final stages of the implementation process, Public Relations inside the Tion Hegemony was booming. With continual praise and enthusiasm stemming from the written codex, Ignatius then found himself visiting the local libraries and historical societies to properly document the history of the Hegemony, a touch task for a man who had focused on Cadinth politics for so long and had barely paid attention to the history of the cluster that began millions of years before his eventual birth. Complimenting this, more citizens of the Hegemony began to lend a hand with his work. Overseeing the history expansion, along with a number of information initiatives and cultural advancements, Ignatius found the help most appreciated. Deciding that the help could allow him more authority to delegate, and to expand his portfolio with more responsibility, Ignatius met with Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin and Lord Advisor Talen Mordare to discuss his options. Their enthusiasm in his decision to expand his horizons was warmly received, and he soon was appointed as a Diplomatic Liaison to the Tion Hegemony to oversee the various tasks the Hegemony Council needed assistance with. Happy with his advancements, not to mention the beginning of a private relationship, Ignatius purchased a Luxury Space Colony for himself to maintain a hub for himself in the Tion Cluster. Fittingly, he built his station in the Cadinth System to give him a greater space for him to relax and recuperate easily after long periods on Desargorr, while also giving him the ability to heal himself after long hyperspace journeys when his Trichinitis irritated him. The station, Danuvius, finally gave him the property he wanted, a way to look over his home of Cadinth in comfort and smile. His first action with his new station was the dock his new Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle Adoramus onboard the station. A gift from the Tion Hegemony during its centenary celebrations, the shuttle would give Ignatius all he needed to settle down and work in peace, without the distractions of a sprawling metropolis getting in the way of his workload.


Many Hands…

Let's Make Life Easier

With the Danuvius station completed in the outskirts of the Cadinth system, Ignatius finally had a place of solitude to call his own. A place where his work could be fragmented, analysed and reviewed without interference from others, while providing a quiet work environment free from unwanted droids, visitors and other galactic sounds heard on a regular basis. While the Public Relations Department inside the Tion Hegemony continued to grow, Ignatius found he needed some assistance in keeping the output continuous. Boarding his new Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle Adoramus, he travelled outside the Cluster and into the Imperial realms of Coruscant to scour the various universities and politically motivated establishments in the hope of finding himself a Political Aide and assistant. Refusing to conduct interviews, Ignatius blended into the various campuses, acting as a student to observe his prospects more closely, understanding their backgrounds, status in life, along with their expertise and knowledge to truly comprehend them, instead of rehearsed speech that would be given throughout an interview process. As many prospective targets failed to meet his rather high expectations, Ignatius began to give up hope of finding an Imperial subjects and started to make arrangements to begin travelling towards the Hapan Cluster, before someone caught his eye. A Coruscanti female by the name of Ariel Maal showed exceptional talent. While observing her throughout a number of classes and lectures, she exuded confidence and maturity far beyond her years. Her work ethic was second to none and she had the talent to inevitably become a political powerhouse. Satisfied that he had found the person he was looking for, Ignatius approached her with an offer of employment. Given her political enthusiasm, she immediately knew who he was and accepted the offer without a moments thought. Immediately, their working relationship began.
Taking Ariel under his wing, Ignatius immediately began showing Ariel the ropes of a political life, giving her small political assignments and research work to let her understand what she was in for, and to see how she would deliver. Punctual and detailed, her work continually passed Ignatius' stringent expectations, as they spent several weeks on Coruscant in a sort of makeshift orientation for Ariel. As her final coursework was completed at the Coruscanti Imperialist University, she was now free to take on a position of full time employment with Ignatius. Thrilled at her enthusiasm and skill, Ignatius brought her on as his personal aide, granting her citizenship within the Tion Hegemony to allow her access to all of his work and tasks. As they travelled back to his office on Danuvius, they became increasingly close. Despite the fact they'd only been working together for a month, their working relationship had allowed them to become increasingly trusting of each other. Forming a close, sibling like relationship, they allowed themselves to share every aspect of their lives, being able to rely on each other whether in a professional or personal sense. As they arrived back at the Danuvius, Ignatius promptly gave Ariel access to all of his vessels as required, along with a number of rooms onboard his station for her to work and live. Given the station was to be his office and home for a great deal of time while he worked on an increasing number of assignments and political matters, their lives would be continually intertwined together for a long time. Dossier Photograph of Koth Baras.

Working on it Together

Spending time on the Danuvius with Ariel was highly rewarding for Ignatius. Given the skills she possessed and the enthusiasm to impress, the workload from the two of them increased, and allowed a number of Political Affairs initiatives inside the Tion Hegemony to be instituted. As the tasks kept flowing throughout the small department, their roles and responsibilities only grew. Taking on a more active role in the Citizenship process, Ignatius began to suggest and implement a number of changes Cluster wide to the handling of Tion citizens, and new employees to the Government. Along with this responsibility came another, the introduction of Diplomatic work to his portfolio. While his roles as a diplomat would be minimal, it gives his department the responsibility and prowess to create, amend and store all political documents include peace treaties, non-aggression pacts and various trade and security agreements with the Imperial Union. Given her talent, Ignatius was more than happy to pass on some of the workload to Ariel, and they began the monumental task of shaping all documentation and internal operations for the Tion Hegemony, while in conference with Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin and Interior Minister Theros Ironfield.
While called away on commitments within the political halls of the Tion Hegemony, Ignatius left Ariel Maal on the Danuvius to continue her work. Those commitments while tedious and uneventful managed to create a positive outcome, eventually. Having sat through hours of political discussions and human resource meetings within the Internal Affairs Division, Ignatius visited a local bar in the political district to calm himself. As he sat at a table and drank a cool glass of Corellian Ale, he was accidentally interrupted by a name confusing Ignatius for someone else. As the man sat alone for the next half an hour, Ignatius decided to buy him a drink and keep him occupied while he waited. After a number of drinks and pleasant conversation, the man revealed himself to be Koth Baras, an honourably discharged serviceman out of Corellian Security who was shopping around for a defence contract in the Outer-Rim. Given the fact he had been stood up by his contact he was noticeably unimpressed, but Ignatius saw an opportunity to use his services in a personal venture, and offered him a job as a personal trainer, that would also act as a Head of Security in an official sense. After initially hesitating the offer having wanted a larger operation for employment, Koth accepted the offer after the situation was explained. Ignatius believed the reason he decided to take the job was after seeing a photo of Ariel Maal as it slid out of his pocket, but given his long and tedious day, Ignatius was pleased to have another person under his wing to assist him with his private endeavours and enterprises. As they returned to the Danuvius, Ignatius introduced Koth to Ariel before taking him aside and introducing him to his luxury personal quarters and armaments room onboard the station. Noticeably happy, the trio began to work on more reports and measures assigned to them by the Hegemony. Ignatius and Ariel began working on the political side, while Koth focused on security measures for the two of them for their inevitable travel back to the centre of the Tion Cluster.

The Heartbreak And The Opportunity

Ignatius continued to spend a great deal of time travelling around the Tion Cluster, his now growing personal enterprise was keeping him increasingly busy along with his political endeavours for the Tion Hegemony, but he knew the invaluable help from both Koth and Ariel was keeping his floating. Ignatius travelled with Koth outside the Cluster to get a surprise for Ariel in appreciation for all her hard work. Having just purchased a new station to compliment Danuvius called Nolitus, he felt he needed a vessel to store onboard for immediate transport, and Koth agreed it was an essential security measure. Purchasing a Jedi Ambassador Shuttle for a local merchant on Drall while travelling back to Koth's home for a visit to his family, Ignatius named it Arielus, after Ariel. After meeting Koth's family for the first time and spending a few days with them, Ignatius travelled back to the Danuvius with Koth to show Ariel her surprise. When they arrived back, Ignatius help a small celebration with them for all their hard work, cooking them an exquisite meal and giving them access to some of the finest Tionese alcohol money could buy. Somewhat intoxicated by the alcohol, Koth decided to retire to his chambers, and Ignatius showed Ariel the surprise. Ariel was thrilled by gesture and gave Ignatius a big hug in appreciation. Ignatius escorted her back to her chambers and explained how she was invaluable, and that her work was irreplaceable to him. When they arrived back at her room, A slightly drunk Ariel kissed Ignatius. Apologetic and remorseful, Ariel knew he was in a relationship and couldn't believe what she had done. She closed the door in his face and immediately went to sleep. As Ignatius awoke the next morning, he explained that it was natural for something to happen between co-workers, and that he didn't want her to feel awkward, but appreciated the thought to his relationship. Chuckling, he cooked Ariel and Koth some breakfast, and they joked about the encounter together.
Later the day, as Ignatius travelled to Desargorr for a short political meeting, his cousin Helena Korr arrived on the station, and for the first time met Ariel and Koth. The three traded stories while they waited for Ignatius to return, sharing a laugh about their experiences and learning about each other, for unknown to them, they were the closest to family Ignatius had. When he returned from his meeting on Desargorr, he welcomed Helena in the warmest fashion, and gave her a tour of his station. While they walked, Helena told Ignatius that his father, Vi Paak, had passed away. Distraught, Ignatius quietly wept in his chair as thoughts of his father passed through his subconscious. Adamant to make things right, Ignatius escorted Helena to his Nu-Class Attack Shuttle, and they travelled back to Alderaan together, to organise the various proceedings. When they arrived, Ignatius knew that the various Alderaanian bureaucrats would be difficult about the arrangements, and allowed Helena to use her modelling influence to get the rules lapse, and the body of Vi Paak was put onboard his ship, for the final journey back to Cadinth. As Helena piloted the shuttle home, Ignatius sat next to the body of his father and couldn't take his eyes of it. He leant down and whispers in his fathers ear that he was sorry for not being there at the end, and that he would not disappoint him in his various political and private endeavours. Upon their arrival back at the family home on Cadinth, both Ignatius and Helena noted the family home to be in exceptional order despite the fact nobody had lived their in some time. As they laid Vi to rest beside Mara, the two of them conducted a ceremony similar to the one the three of them conducted for Mara's funeral, and the two embraced and cried at the loss of the last family member aside from themselves. As they walked the streets of Cadinth to clear the air and try to experience a little happiness, Helena discussed the idea of working more closely with him, avoiding their frequent disappearing acts and keeping the family together for a change. Ignatius was thrilled by the idea and the gesture and welcomed her to any position she wanted. Given her experience, she decided to work in a public relations area, working directly with Ignatius and Ariel. Accepting without a moments hesitation, the two travelled back to Danuvius to share the news with the others. Despite the loss of his father, Ignatius felt that his family was growing, and that they would be together for a long time to come.

Moving Away From What You Know

Maybe It Isn't So Easy

While work was continuing out on the Danuvius, managed by Ariel and Helena, Ignatius continued his travels to Cadinth and Desargorr on official business, but he felt his passion loosen its grip. With the loss of his father he began to feel an emptiness. Despite the lack of time he spent with Vi in his adult years, Ignatius began to feel a great deal of regret and sadness that he neglected his family for such a large amount of his life in pursuit of his passions and career. One afternoon, while working in his office, he became increasingly frustrated with his work, feeling he wasn't contributing anything to his friends or family, and that he was serving the needs of people that were already pampered and sophisticated, and failed to appreciate the sacrifices others were giving throughout the galaxy. In a rare showing of emotion, Ignatius threw the mountains of paperwork off his desk onto the floor and tossed his Ale glass into the wall. As the anger continued to fester inside him, profanity escaped his lips and he began punching the walls and screaming at the window overlooking the Desargorr metropolis, forcing Koth to come to his aid. Comforting his friend, Koth was able to calm Ignatius down and talk some sense to the overcome Alderaanian. After a number of deep breathes and time to contemplate his actions, Ignatius immediately put on his suit jacket and walked into the main communication offices and commenced a holo-communication with Lord Advisor Talen Mordare and Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin, where he advised them of his struggles and his immediate resignation from the Tion Hegemony government. While he maintained that his interests would always been inline with the Hegemony and its sentients that he had known and loved his entire life, he knew that he had lost a lot in his life while serving both planetary and cluster-wide governments within the Hegemony, and needed to explore the galaxy as a private citizen and embrace other cultures and career paths. Bidding the leadership and a number of close associates farewell, he boarded his Hammerhead Cruiser with Koth and returned to the Danuvius to explain his actions to Ariel and Helena. Worried from him, they both asked to remain with him, for which Ignatius agreed without hesitation, and the quartet boarded the Nu-Class Attack Shuttle Ignatius to begin a vacation outside the Cluster for the first time together, and enjoy some much needed recuperation. Deciding on Nibiru in the Zuma sector, the crew spent a number of weeks enjoying the tranquility of Avance Coalition space, focusing not on any form of work, but the company of each other. Ignatius and Helena grew even closer in their friendship, and Ariel was able to understand the enjoyment of a holiday, instead of burying herself in a number of historical documents. As they enjoyed the weeks in a comfortable, relaxing environment, Ignatius began to think of another venture for them to undertake. Whether a trading business, information conglomerate or an efficient mining operation, the opportunities were endless given the right amount of capital and the best people in the galaxy. Resisting the urge to undertake business dealings while on holiday, Ignatius decided to wait until the holiday was over before commencing research.
When their time in Nibiru ended, Ignatius departed with Koth to Alderaan to speak with a number of old associates from the days of his parents' political careers, leaving Ariel and Helena to continue a holiday should they see fit. When they arrived, Ignatius immediately found himself in a number of meetings with his old colleagues. Warmth and compassion for his ventures however wasn't exactly positive. Given his absence from Alderaan, a great number of things had changed. A number of old friends wouldn't take meetings, and others would simply laugh him out of the room. The political climate meant that an outsider with allegiances to the Tion Cluster was no longer welcomed with open arms, instead they were scorned and abandoned to ensure they remained at arms length. With a negative outlook on the operations, Ignatius and Koth retired to a local drinking establishment to discuss their next move. After a number of Corellian Ale's, their ideas became even more far-fetched and outlandish. Their level of compassion and enthusiasm improved with every new glass of Ale, and their annoyance to others only increased as well. Removed from the establishment in the early hours of the following morning, they both wandered back to the ship to return back to the others in the Tion Cluster. Close to the vessel, Ignatius and Koth were attacked by a drunk individual who had overhead their ideas. Smashing a bottle into Koth's head, he immediately fell to the ground, leaving Ignatius to fight for his own survival alone. Relatively inexperienced, Ignatius drew on the limited training Koth had taught him to try and defend himself, but it was highly ineffective as Ignatius suffered numerous punches and kicks to his body. Falling to the ground and slumping to his knees, he caught Koth slowly regaining his consciousness from the corner of his eye, and watched patiently as he slid a blaster over to him. Diving for it with every ounce of strength he could find within him, Ignatius scuffled with the man, before a blaster bolt penetrated the body of the attacker, killing him instantly. Shocked and outraged at what he had just done, Ignatius felt anxiety overwhelm him. Trying to calm him down, Koth urged Ignatius to leave while he tended to the body. Nodding abruptly, Ignatius removed a number of credits from his pockets, along with his various identifications and ran for the spaceport.
Breaking every principle he had once sworn to protect, Ignatius ran as fast as he could. His blood soaked suit was easily recognisable, and he decided he needed to protect his anonymity. Passing a number of shops, Ignatius broke a window with the butt of his blaster and stole a number of clean garments to help him blend into regular society, before incinerating the blaster, his bloodied suit and one of his most prized possessions, the Ring of Cadinth at a nearby energy plant. Still in shock, the adrenaline pushed him towards the spaceport, where he boarded a passenger liner heading for the Unknown Regions of space. Exiting at one of the stops prior to the Unknown Regions, Ignatius found himself on Byss in the Besqek System. Renting a small room in an apartment complex under the name of Doc Jessa, he tried to think of a way to get past his actions. While the scuffle would be deemed as self defence, he didn't want the action to come to light. After purchasing some black market materials from a Rodian merchant, he established a number of encrypted protocols to his friends. Helena was able to pass on a quick message that Koth had returned safe, but that a number of civilians had overhead the shot and seen Ignatius leaving the scene and advised him to lay low. Saddened and distraught, Ignatius wished his cousin the best and closed all communications. The stress was immediately overwhelming. He now found himself on the other side of the law he fought for so many years to protect. His operations and activities were blacklisted, and he could no longer roam the galaxy like a free man. With no other choice, Ignatius sent a number of encrypted protocols to a number of the galaxy's less favourable individuals to seek refuge and support, and it didn't take long to receive a response. Dark Prince Banquo Knox had delivered an encrypted message offering refuge and a chance to earn some credits, and given his old life was over, Ignatius jumped at the chance and began search for a way to get to the Gree System.
After several days of searching for a discreet way off Byss, Ignatius had come up empty. No smuggling vessels or private shuttles were going anywhere near the planet, at least in the price range available to him at the present moment. As all hope looked abandoned, Ignatius received an encrypted transmission from Koth, who using his previous experience as an agent had managed to find his friend and bring his Hammerhead Cruiser along for the ride. Moving quickly through the underbelly of Byss, Ignatius made his way an abandoned spaceport where his glorious Hammerhead Cruiser lay in waiting. Giving the ship a quick paint job to make it unrecognisable to the naked eye, his quickly boarded to find a note in the cockpit from Koth wishing him luck and to keep in touch. As a smile finally found its way onto Ignatius' face, he adjusted the ships IFF and transponder protocols, before leaving the planet. As his hyperspace journey continued to draw him closer to his new life, Ignatius pondered his ideals and beliefs. A great deal of what he previous believed in had caused him insult and embarrassment after his abandonment by former friends on Alderaan, and his polite and gentle nature had only caused him to poorly defend himself, resulting in the death of a citizen. His principles were changing with his new life. Having now lost contact with his only remaining friends and family, he needed to re-evaluate his life, become tougher and hardened, while still being a strong negotiator and trader. As he nodded in self belief, his journey was coming to a close as he exited hyperspace in the Gree System. However, what should have been an easy exit became more of a challenge as the smuggled ship suffered damage to the onboard oxygen canisters. Immediately signalling for help, Ignatius anxiously lay in waiting for assistance as he took small, shallow breathes to keep the ever falling oxygen levels alive. To his relief, Dark Prince Banquo Knox was able to come to his aid, not only rescuing him from his ailing vessel, but welcoming him to his new life and his new environment.

Try This On For Size

After several days of medical treatment and analysis on Gree, Ignatius officially took the oath to Dark Prince Banquo Knox, and became a member of the Black Sun family. Immediately adjusting the life, he discarded his stolen clothing and materials, purchasing the finest suit from Revyia, prior to commencing repairs on his ailing Hammerhead Cruiser. Although he had corrupted the transponder signals on his cruiser and shuttle, he had still kept their names intact. Despite the attachment and history he had with each of them, he decided to rename his Hammerhead Cruiser and his Nu-Class Attack Shuttle to Estremoz and Anumati respectively, in an effort to keep his identity low key. The second stage of his re-establishment was the sale of the vast majority of his assets, including his various space stations and other goods. With an influx of credits populating his various galactic accounts, he began to return to a simpler lifestyle without the need to maintain a large amount of items. With the sale of his stations complete, he was discreetly able to fly his former companions to meet him on Revyia. While their meeting was happy and enjoyable, it was obvious that a great deal had changed between them. As their meeting began, various news material outlined a campaign to locate Ignatius. While he had committed a heinous act, Ignatius had no idea why he was wanted for questioning. Koth, thanks to his intelligence background, was able to uncover the details of the investigation. A number of Ignatius' former political enemies and criminal acquaintances had fabricated evidence and falsified affidavits to ensure he remain on the run and outside of Imperial Union space. After much discussion and deliberation between them, Ariel decided to part ways, believing that her interests were more aligned with a political campaign or a law office, and not to a life on the run, despite her feelings for Ignatius. Koth came to the quick realisation that while he had aided Ignatius in his escape, his duty to his family was no more important than ever. Understanding but somewhat saddened by their decisions, Ignatius donated them his father's Theta-class T-2c Shuttle to get them back to Corellia. With a hug and a handshake, they departed Revyia, and the group was down to two.
Helena was a different story. Despite her interests in business, she had no real alignment to any particular organisation, and will all family except from Ignatius deceased, she wanted to keep them together. Thrilled by her decision, Ignatius welcomed her into the fold and to her new life. While she grew accustomed to her new surroundings and began to build new contacts and information networks, Ignatius found himself frequenting the Blue Moon Cantina with a number of Black Sun personnel. Through a number of visits he became a frequently, and quickly picked up a Deathstick habit to go with it. As he smoked more, he soon realised that the hallucinations were minimal, and actually were an effective remedy for his Trichinitis. As he continued to frequent a number of establishments throughout Black Sun space, he found himself coming to the realisation that you could still be part of a less legitimate operation and yet still maintain your principles, or at least relax them from being overly stringent.

Hangin' Up the Jacket

After months of construction operations and work within the Black Sun syndicate, soon re-aquanited to the galaxy as The Veragi Consortium, Ignatius found himself loosing his enthusiasm with his work. While he had a strong personal relationship with the vast majority of the group, he still couldn't get the blood of his hands that had forced him to change his lifestyle. After many deliberations with his cousin Helena, they both decided that retirement was a valid option for them to embark upon. With substantial wealth and assets at their disposal, living comfortably would not be concern for them for the remainder of their lifetimes, the concern would be where they could live in peace and quiet without harassment from various law enforcement agencies and bureaucratic organisations out for his arrest. While Helena was dispatched to gather reports on their former associates Ariel and Koth, Ignatius began to plan their hospitality for the future. Contacting a number of agencies discreetly through aliases and encrypted communications, Ignatius purchased a small yet undisclosed and private piece of property for him to spend the remainder of his days. With adequate accommodations for the two of them, along with extra space for guests, Helena and Ignatius limited their corporate holdings and retired to their safe haven to relax and enjoy their lives, without the burden of corporations or conflict.
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