Athakam MedTech
Athakam Medical Technologies, d.b.a Athakam MedTech is a medical and science company, housing the Tionese departments of Technology and History, and a nationalized faction of the Tion Hegemony.


Athakam MedTech is lead by Rector Superior Casten Maziel Waryn. His duty is to organize production operations within the faction, and maximize the support that Athakam provides for the Hegemony. The current second-in-command is unknown, the Vice-Rector is in charge of construction and planet development, production and sales, while Deacon Taranae Rhode oversees the Argai System Defense (ASD), from the ASD flagship, the Kaloth Battle Cruiser ASD Bellwether. The medical fleet of Athakam is overseen by the Rector and Vice-Rector from the Athakam flagship, the Medicae-class Nebulon-B Frigate AMS Lady of Radiance.




The headquarters and all major operations of Athakam MedTech are located on the planet Argai in the Argai system, Tion Cluster. Argai is a hot yet abundant planet, and rare in a way: it is rich in alazhi - the primary resource needed to refine bacta, a fluid essential in medical production. Some areas of the planet are covered by deserts, barren and volcanic mountains, yet there are many jungles scattered throughout the cooler regions, this region is called the Jungle Belt by locals. 



Athakam MedTech is capable of producing many types of medical items. These items are essential both to civilian or military hospitals and all capital ships serving in the Tion Fleets. While Athakam's main objective is to serve the needs of the Hegemony and it's allies, the company also aims to produce a small amount of stock items, occasionally sold to civilians and other factions through the public markets.

In addition to items, Athakam also has datacards of droids, vehicles and starships used to give medical aid. While Athakam has these technologies, few of them are actually produced by the company itself at this time.

Fleet Support

A single - and non reproducible - datacard of a Medicae-clas Nebulon-B Frigate was designed after the foundation of the company. Athakam hopes this ship may become the the primary medical ship - or mobile hospital - in the Hegemony, where wounded soldiers and pilots can be quickly treated, even outside the Tion Cluster in case of an intergalactic conflict. As of Year 12 Day 178, reports had surfaced that the Athakam Medical Frigate had been ordered into production, the location of the production is still unknown, but rumors have emerged that the ship is being constructed somewhere near the southern border of the Allied Tion sector, though other rumors say the ship was spotted near Vorsia of the Neshig sector. Early in Year 13 engineers working for both Tion Mil/Sci Industries and Athakam successfully replicated the original datacard of the Athakam Medical Frigate. This was a vital step for the Hegemony, as it allows the Tion and Athakam Fleets to commission multiple Medical Frigates. 

Athakam also has plans to train professional medics for the Tionese Fleets, who will be assigned to the medical ships within each fleet. Once produced, Sprint-class Rescue Crafts will join the Medicaes in the Athakam Medical Fleet, while other Sprints will be commissioned to join the Tion Fleets along with co-commissioned Medicae-class Frigates. 

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