Biography of Amon Nublar

Name: Amon Nublar
Callsign: -

Rank: Senior Executive (14)
Duty: Faction 2IC
Dept.: Operations
Faction: Tion Mil/Sci Industries

Race: Sullustan
Gender: Male
Age: -

Coming from a small family caught up in the slavers control, Amon worked his way through life after being separated from his family at the age of 7. Showing a talent for technology, he was allowed to work special jobs, even repairing ships for the slavers. After a while, he was building new creations that proved to be spaceworthy out of the junk and remnants left over from raids. He was stolen from the slavers by pirates, where he continued to work for many years. At the age of 17, he was erroneously freed after he survived a raid by a rival pirate faction.

Amon found his way through the galaxy into the employment of Frost Shipyards. Under the guidance of Aldwar Fisher, John Green, and Gadon Trammer, Amon was able to rise through the ranks and eventually become the 2IC of Tion Mil/Sci Industries. During his time there, he really helped launch the Malduiphin Galactic News Network. His favorite tasking has always been and always will be, piloting through the stars.

Written by Amon Nublar, 14 years ago.
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