Biography of Dane Letis

Name: Dane Letis
Callsign: -

Rank: Commodore (12)
Duty: -
Dept.: Military / 1st Fleet
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Dane was born on Tatooine, in a rather poor family. His life was peaceful and quiet. He didn't get a proper education - the only thing he was learning about were ships. In the age of 16 Dane left his planet to travel around the galaxy and to earn money, enough money to help his family, because living on Tatooine was hard, very hard. Finally, Dane joined the Tion Hegemony. This faction became a second family to him. In fact, there he learned how to wield a gun, how to fight and there he became a good soldier.
Written by Dane Letis, 13 years ago.
Last updated on Year 12, Day 234, 11:52:40.
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