Biography of Andree Cyberdree

Name: Andree Cyberdree
Callsign: CyberBat

Rank: President (15)
Duty: High Council
Dept.: Operations
Faction: Tion Mil/Sci Industries

Race: Corellian
Gender: Male
Age: 47


Early Life

Andree Cyberdree Torufiku is a son of Martyn Torufiku, a merchant at a little village on Corellia. He has two brothers Dcools and Coize, and one sister Cuze. His parents are middle class citizens, they owned a few ranches and shops at Corellia. He spent his childhood with his brothers and sister in one of their parents ranches. His parents lived on another ranches nearby. The Ranch had defensive turrets and guard droids to keep creatures stayed away, but occasionally the turrets and droids were destroyed by the creatures, so with his brothers, young Andree learnt a little bit about shooting from defending ranches from incoming creatures. Andree found his passion with guns from defending his parent ranches. His first gun was DL-44, and although it had little range he managed to kill many creatures.


Young Andree with his family


When Andree reached his teenager, his parents wanted Andree to be an educated teenager, they sent him to an Art Academy. Unfortunately, as a teenager Andree was a rebel without a cause. Andree often found skipped his class and rode on his speeder bike. He did not finish his study and joined a speeder gang instead and made his parents very furious. Andree had his quarrell with his parents and decided to leave his parents house. Andree left the ranch and stayed in his friend's hut that his gang called head quarter. To teach Andree a lesson, his parents decided to throwed him on the street without money, and neglected him. Instead of learning his mistakes, young Andree found his passion on his speeder bike gang.


Young Andree was a rebel without a cause

Speeder Gang

Fortunately (or unfortunately) he was quite good as a speeder racer. He was the quickest and most dangerous racer in his gang. After a while he became the gang leader and won a numerous illegal race. He also learned about a bigger gun, blaster, rifle, speeder, ship and stuff in this gang. He liked to practice his combat skills and he always pretended (and dreamed) himself as a cowboy from a wild wild west. He was a speeder God, until on the last season of speeder gang illegal championship, Andree wrecked his greatness speeder into pieces and injured himself.


Andree and his speeder gank experience

Andree did not suffer any physical damage, instead he suffered a little character alteration. After experienced a nearly death situation, Andree became a calm less-explosive person, he decided to leave the gang, left his naughty life and started a new decent normal life.

On his transition time, Andree spent most of his time with creatures huntingHe then met a good hunter named Adam Levine on a hunting field trip and befriended ever since. On one occasion Adam saved Andree's life from Rancors attack, Andree lost a lot of blood but Adam was just in time to healed him back in a medical bay. Andree was stand too close to the Rancor with his guns, while Adam was on a distance with his riffle. Since that one moment of life they vowed their selves blood brother. Later Adam taught Andree about riffles and Andree bought himself one.


Andree and Adam hunt together

After a while Andree begun to think about a job and decided to go somewhere in the universe but Corellia, so he randomly picked Embaril and became a pilot.

Tion Sci/Mil Industries (TMSI)

At Embaril, he was impressed by Amon Nublar's introduction of the TMSI faction, and decided to join on Year 11 days 318. It was Andy Quick, who managed the faction as faction leader when Andree first joined. Andree took his first job as a pilot of a BFF-1 Bulk to deliver raw materials from one Station to another. On his first year on TMSI, he befriends with Jake Sparrow, a fellow pilot who jumped in, strolled out and hunted together couples of time.

After a while and felt comfortable on TMSI, Andree called his blood brother Adam, whose at that time was looking for a job, to give Tion Hegemony a try, and Adamaccepted. 

Slowly but sure, Andree climbs his career on TMSI. During the absence of Andy Quick and Amon Nublar, Andree and Jake Sparrow managed to keep the faction going. Later it was revealed that Andy Quick was passed away. After a moment of mourning, Amon Nublar quickly took the faction leader seat, and it was not long until Andree appointed to be 2nd in command.

After Amon Nublar stepped down from faction leader, Gadon Trammer take the seat, and then gave it to Takao Asai, while Gadon stepped down to 2nd in command. Andree then must gave his authority back to Gadon.
Many TMSI comerades come and go, Andree last teamed with fellow TMSI Michael Beauger, Vhiran Vires, and Shar Corm.



Andree on Tion Sci/Mil Industries (TMSI)


Nikklon Mining Incorporated (NMI)

At Year 15 Day 101, following the retirement of Gwannunig Magor, Andree was stepped up to replace him as NMI's acting leader, and as NMI CEO one year later. At Year 17 Day 144, Andree submitted his resignation from NMI' CEO for a private reason. Later Nikklon Mining Chief Administrater Grins Mahler replaced him as NMI's CEO. Although resigned, Andree retained his High Council position as advisory member of NMI. 


Andree on Nikklon Mining Incorporates (NMI)


Back to Tion Sci/Mil Industries (TMSI)

At Year 17 Day 187, following the promotion of Abraari To, Andree was went back to TMSI's as one of the executive. He occasionally went back on forth between NMI and TMSI depending on condition. At Year 18 Day 44, Andree became TMSI CEO again. 

Andree on TMSI again as CEO

Art Team/Art Shop

After a year in TMSI, he joined Gunn, Sera and Geneva became a part of the Art Team. At first he painted Jaster Gav art blasters and YT2K just for fun, Andree decided to use his knowledge he got from his academy, although not perfect but he alresy used his skills. After that the Art Team acknowledged his skill and recruited him. After joined the Art Team, Andree felt his skill was still inferior, so he went back to his Corellia academy to finish what he had left. After decided to continue what his parents wanted Andree to be, his parent begun to welcome him back, Andree went home to his parents old ranches on Corellia. After his graduation, he revealed his obsession to open an art shop to the Art Team and the Art Team agreed. Sera finally opened the Art Shop on Year 12 days 306, after Tion anniversary. After the opening of the Art Shop, Andree went back to Tion space. Until now Andree has created many customs to devote his artist soul. After a while Sera went mission in action, Andree took Free Art Shop management full control from Sera. Andree gained his nickname from his customers on Art Shop, he often being called Wizard, Xzibit (X for short or X-2-the-Z), or combined into Wizz X.

Unfortunately he has to slowed it down on Year 14 days 138, for a private reason. On day 240, the Art Team formation were strengthened by the new skillful artists Casten and Michael Bourne.


Tion Custom Art Shop

General Cosmic Company

After reconciled with his parents, Andree's parents decided to teach their "once rebellious" son how to trade. Andree learned how to trade and managed to buy and sell things on CPM. Later Andree opened a little shop named Cyber Arm Shop to sell weapons and a little bit others. This shop had connected him to Nhur Ord, Tif Dlarek, and Lance Starlight on General Cosmic Company, a non faction group which intended to crate a larger marketplace than the CPM. Later on, Andree's fellow from TMSI, Juxos Tocs, joined GCC to add a new blood because of the inactivity of Nhur and Lance, and with Tif and Juxos, Andree re-open his Arm Shop with a new name, GCC shop, and a wider range of items. By trading also, Andree managed to buy himself a shipyard and a space colony, and wishes to start his own production any time soon.


General Cosmic Company and Cyber Arm Shop

Due to private reason, he decided to stepped out from GCC and started his own path.

Andree's Brother Doc


Andree, his brother Doc Dcools, and team on some random creatures hunting

His older brother, Doc Dcools Torufiku, joined Andree in his trade ship to help him sell weapon. Doc aboarded NPC shuttle from Corellia straight to Embaril. Later Andree found out that his brother truly intention was to find more danger. Back on their old ranches, Doc loved to hunt creatures. Tired of hunting rare small and not aggresive creatures on the more and more rural Corellian ranches, Doc went from Corellia with NPC shuttle to Desargorr. Doc want to find a bigger huge aggressive creatures on the universe or even bandits. So apparently, every time Andree and the team find creatures and bandits, instead of avoiding them, Doc often insists Andree to battle them. Together they experienced many creatures hunt. Doc favourites weapon is a DLT20a, a bowcaster and an RPS-6. Their most precious war trophy so far is a force detector which worth more than 100 mils.



Andree's brother, Doc Dcool, Death

Unfortunate for Doc, on a random creatures hunting on the year of 14 days 175, Doc carelessly stood too close to a Krayt Dragon, he was hit and killed instantly by the Krayt Dragon's first attack. Andree could not believed himself that he let Doc pursued the Dragon alone with his two riflemen. The wound was too deep and he lost too much blood. Although Andree succesfully saved and took his brother to the medical bay on his ship, but it was just too late, Doc was already stoned cold. Andree held his brother tight, while his team could do nothing but stared. After some time, Andree with his team managed to tracked, pursued, took the revenge and killed the beast. But still, they could not believed that they had lost Doc and his two riflemen bodyguards.

Andree took Doc's body to their family ranch, and buried him on their parents land. Andree's father, Martyn, never blames Andree for Doc's death, and always blamed Doc addiction of hunting. But Andree just could not forgave himself, Andree believes he still could and should protected him. After Doc's funeral, Andree often found standing alone with his eyes to the horizon. He kept blamed himself for Doc death.

Sorrowful with his brother death, Andree decided to closed the Art Shop and his Cyber Arm Shop for good, he needed time to finally continue his life. Later on Year 14 days 208, Andree decided to clone his brother to ease the pain.


Doc Dcool Clone






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