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About Us

Nikklon Mining Incorporated ushers in a new age in mining technologies. We are backed by and support the grand Tion Hegemony and have been an integral part of all that is Tion. NMI operates across the Tion Cluster now, having left its secretive beginnings in the Dellalt system to be a very public part of the Tion Hegemony.

NMI operates all Tionese mines, and is the primary contractor for all Tionese construction projects. A career within NMI may include ferrying goods, materials, personnel, or even ships and vehicles for the grand Tion Hegemony or affiliates. It may also be conducting mining operations anywhere in the galaxy. It may even be providing support for or conducting city or facility construction, either at home in the Cluster or possibly in another sector. Providing support for all Tionese citizens, NMI is a major part of the Hegemony. At the same time, NMI is part of the support system that it and its sister companies help to create.

NMI operates in a planet-friendly manner that leaves little to no evidence of its mining operations and has little to no impact on the population surrounding the mining site. NMI prides itself on its non-wasteful solutions, and is constantly working towards improving its operational efficiency to reduce costs, required manpower, and environmental footprint.

Through our highly trained employees, state of the art operations as well as our pristine fleet, we have been able to bring forth massive quantities of the essential materials to keep things moving forward in the Tion Cluster, as well as the galaxy.


Written by Gunnar Starfall, 12 years ago.
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