Nikklon Mining Incorporated / History


Founded under the guidance of the Hapan Royal League of Commerce in the fifth reported galactic year, Jeff Corbin created the humble mining operations within the Dellalt system in order to support the growing Hapan armada and its ever-increasing industrial landscape. Acting as a secondary nationalised affiliate behind the larger nationally owned Endara Mining Corporation, Nikklon Mining was able to grow its operations within Allied Tion space while opening small sales and exporting operations to the public. The mining operations slowly began to grow within the Dellalt system, while sales and affiliated operations ensured the company was able to increase its standing within the citizenry of the Allied Tion sector. Towards the end of the fifth galactic year, the growth of Nikklon within the system was noticed by several neighbouring governments which escalated into what became the Dellarlt Conflict.

Approached by the leaders of the Anzatan Commonwealth, Jeff Corbin and Nikklon leadership were pressured into either leaving the system to make way for Anzatan interests or to provide free exports of raw materials in order to continue operations within the system. Despite negotiations mediated by the Hapes Consortium, agreement was not met and Anzat forces attempted to gain control of the system by more forceful means. Hapan fleets were dispatched to blockade the system and defend its nationalised interests from potential bloodshed, while Imperial forces were urged to also intervene in an effort to efficiently expel the Anzat forces from the Allied Tion sector. As Imperial forces arrived to protect the system and Nikklon operations at the Consortium’s behest, Hapes forces withdrew, while continuing to urge the Anzatian Government to withdraw their forces and their claims to the system.

As pressure mounted on the Anzatian Government, they withdrew their claim to the cluster and their forces at the closure of the fifth galactic year. This led to Prime Minister of the Anzatan Commonwealth Perrin Wolfstar to resign. With safety and security restored Nikklon Mining began to recommence exports externally to the system. Due to the success of the Dellalt conflict within the sector popularity of Chief Executive Officer Jeff Corbin was immense, with much of the citizenry urging him to reinstate the Tion Hegemony government. As the ninth recognised galactic year dawned, Jeff Corbin’s political career became his priority. He withdrew Nikklon Mining Incorporated from the Hapan Royal League of Commerce and formally initiated plans to form the Tion Hegemony government. Responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer were passed to his brother Typhon Corbin, who began to oversee the mining operations while the government was formed.

With the government officially formed at the end of the ninth galactic year, Typhon began to oversee expansion operations for the company and its primary focus shifted to building government infrastructure. As a result public sales and operations were formally closed. Formal control of the Dellalt system was granted to the newly formed government, ensuring all effort could be placed on exports throughout the cluster. As the new government continued its surge in population with immigration numbers for the cluster at highest recorded levels, construction efforts increased exponentially and required more and more raw materials. Mining operations across the entire realm of the Tion Hegemony were formalised under the banner of Nikklon Mining, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of production without the fear or competition among local businesses.

During the tenth recognised galactic year Typhon Corbin resigned as Chief Executive Officer, instead taking over leadership of the Tion Hegemony government. Over the yeas various leaders further improved operations with their new perspectives. To this day Nikklon continues to provide raw materials for development and expansion of the Tion Hegemony.


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