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About Us

From its rise to prominence and its fall from power, Athakam MedtTech’s history is a galactic tale that few can rival. The rumors and controversy that seem to be continually surrounding Athakam also eventually led to its downfall. Once the premier supplier of medical goods to the galaxy and a research juggernaut second to none, after years of decline, Athakam became nothing more than an intersystem producer of medical products.

Found in this condition, Athakam was bought out by the former Frost Inc. Group. Now primarily located in the system of Argai, Athakam is striving to produce and export a large quantity of high quality medical products while also providing an unrivalled level of service. While in the past, Athakam relied on numerous galactic shippers and retailers and to deliver and sell its products, the new Athakam is expanding its medical empire through developing its own fleets of transports and opening new stores ever week throughout the galaxy. Learning from its past, Athakam is no longer content on relying on the whims of groups that may abandon it as has been done in the past. Athakam is basing its future not on others, but on itself and its employees. With a new sense of direction and a new contingent of energetic young leaders, Athakam is once more on its path towards becoming the leading galactic medical superpower.



Written by Geneva Reed, 13 years ago.
Last updated on Year 20, Day 30, 15:31:11.
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